WORLD’S FIRST! ‘Mariner’ Drone with WATERPROOF GIMBAL, FPV & filming in 4K from BVI, CARIBBEAN!

as you can see, it's another beautiful day in paradise and today find us here at Leverick Bay Resort and Marina in the British Virgin Islands, and friends of mine run the resort, Nick and Monica Willis, and they were kind enough to donate a location for us while we're doing a test of a new experiment today we've got something that we've been working on for a while here and finally have a working version so we're just making a video to test it all finally in the water and make sure that actually works, everybody's been waiting for this waterproof gimbal forever and I've been struggling trying to make it, it's been a little bit tougher than I originally thought there was a few things to overcome but we've overcome them and I've got a home built one here that at least proves the point that it will do the job and then we'll be able to make something a little bit more substantial from there and you remember we had be a waterproof FPV we tested in the last video, so now we're going to test the two of them together and make sure everything works so what we're going to do, we're at the pool today because as you can see we gotta lot of wind out there, so it was a little too windy to do it up from the dock area around the boats or anything so Nick was nice enough to donate the pool, we're gonna do the test right here and we'll see how that goes, if everything goes good then we may even try it down on the beach okay so it's going to open up from see the power-up sequence everything is all hooked up and ready to go, we've just got to plug in our batteries and then you notice on the camera here it will go through its warm up in a second it'll come to life and there we go okay, so it's stabilizing don't have any major gusts right now so we're going to power up and give it a shot as you can see we've got the tilt working stabilizing tilt it down a little bit and you can see the gimbal is working alright, so lets bring it over to the pool and lower it down

hover on the water and, in she goes alright, we'll steer it around a little bit a little bit of forward turn it to the right so with the fresh water test out of the way, let's move on the salt water, we'll try it at the beach and see how that works out, this has been our biggest problem is trying to get it to work in salt water because of course it's much more conductive than freshwater, so let's have a try with this new version and see how we make out well so far everything looks good, so looks like we got a winner this time! so now after dousing in salt water let's fly it back over to the pool and give it a rinse the okay bring her down

a little fresh water rinse in the pool there we go and swim it around a little bit

spash the motors, clean everything out from the salt water and then we'll bring it back here and shut down there we go still stabilizing perfect so that was a successful first test now let's see so what do you think guys, was that pretty cool, or what? "Yup" You like that? so you've seen the videos on YouTube already? "Yea I've seen a few" Which ones you've seen you seen some of the Phantom and some of the Mariner? "umm mostly the 'Mariner'

" Mostly the 'Mariner', what did you think? "pretty cool" now we've seen it can work, now it's just a matter of how long it will take before we can get one of these to production so just remember you saw it here first on AmbientRealLife, that's as far as I know, to the best of my knowledge, that's a world first that's waterproof gimbal, waterproof FPV so you got video transmission from the water under water as well and were filming in 4k which of course you won't be able to see it in this particular video but you'll see the footage from the GoPro we'll put into a separate video cause the 4K footage, that's the only problem we're gonna have is that it's a huge file it takes five hundred megabytes per minute of footage and we simply don't have the bandwidth to upload that down here so we gotta wait till we get to a good spot with bandwidth and then we can upload a 4k sample for you, so look forward to that and thanks for watching

till next time see you later!



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