Will Parrot Beat DJI? | Anafi Vs Mavic

[Music] hello and welcome back on this channel today I will try to be short and talk about drones, there are news on the market and we will talk in particular about the war between DJI and and Parrot, which apparently launched a crazy drone on the market Initial e let's talk about it again at this point many of you will have seen my video in which I talked about how happy I was with my DJI Spark and how much I did not want to do the upgrade to Mavic Air, and I gave explanations, if you click here on, from somewhere you will find the link DJI is the leader of this market probably it will be so for many years, Parrot has always been there window to observe patient things, however, are perhaps destined to change those who bought DJI were the professionals of the sector who wanted reliable products and professional, Parrot instead served mostly amateurs looking for cheap and easy to use products especially for their price

But then, this happened is the perfect competitor of Mavic Air I would like to know what they are thinking about top of DJI, if we look at the technical specifications it's a spectacular drone, at least on paper Stabilized 3-axis Gimbal 4k HDR for the first time Rotating camera at 180 degrees which means that you can film from below, also claim that it has a range of 25 minutes even if I doubt this, maybe we should take away a few real minutes the producers usually tend to exaggerate, it is super light and foldable, charge with a regular USB cable which means no extra accessories to carry in your bag making it very comfortable to travel, turn video at 100 MegaBits per second in Profile SLog that allows you to do color grading in post at will From paper it appears to have a range of 4km which seem to be a little above all here in Europe with our 24 ghz network it is also said to have 10 decibels less than the Mavic Air I happened to see videos of presentation in which Annafi flew 20 centimeters from the room without disturbing the shooting [Music] [Music] $ 699 is the price from the site a really low price I love my Spark, I'm still paying but what will break down the competition will be just its price so accessible for the product they are offering Parrot has no geofencing technology or flight restrictions, which allows to fly where you want, unlike DJI that blocks all takeoffs in the red areas or at certain points and there is no possibility of breaking these rules, let's understand each other I do not want to transgress or disobey the rules but sometimes, DJI politics is rather frustrating, mind you, I bought a spark and I can not even fly in my garden even two meters high to take back my twins who play because they are too close at the airport, everything is close to the airport in Brindisi, because the airport here is perfectly in the center of the city and the latter develops all around so if you trace a circle of 6km, the whole is incorporated city ​​[FASTIDIOUS PLANE] let's wait for this blessed airplane to pass every time I start talking Parrot will start sending a member of mine to the Nations at the beginning of July Join it already Pre-Ordered, Werner if you're watching the video know that I will try it first to test and review it, but just so much returning to the initial question will Parrot make it to beat DJI? on paper it would seem SI but only users' experience will be able to say it with certainty, and I think it will take 5 or 6 months to give a definitive answer users will try it, they will test it in all its functions and we will have hundreds of reviews available therefore, in 5 or 6 months we will answer the fateful question if Parrot will have beaten DJI Guys is everything for today, I hope you enjoyed the video, Click LIKE if so, SUBSCRIBE if you are not already and we will see you next time video [Music]