We Got the Drone Out! | DJI Mavic Air

yeah oh my gosh is Oh Oh very good he left his straw oh will we go back? so we're going to take the drone out its hard to get used to it at the side, i was just used to being on top i am filming on the sony handycam today because I didn't charge my other camera and I don't have a spare battery yet Siogs like where are we no no no no that wasn't an invitation you stay there hey gorgeous Oh what's this you just gotta talk to her she's like you she just doesn't listen can you hold her? do you want me to hold her? she's very strong as she pulling you all over the place what are we going to do you meet a holder but you're stronger than me I'll hold Amida holder I tell you hold this blue barking come back she'll stick it in the horse okay let her go she's too fast beer okay she'll come here hey chill chill drop the dog yeah where is mommy gone to hold us computer what's wrong with your chance is it yours it's going away you a catcher gonna catch it daddy don't needs a bit tired that time I just feel a little bit teary thank you you tired mm-hmm what about for sleep yes earwigs we can hold middle way good luck with that hey you did get yeah they're fine really flat one for skimming jumps across the water oh I think I'm good oh just want to catch this watch this one this is gonna be a good one look knowning and i had enough did we have a sleep so I'm feeling a bit for everyone friend daddy now he's in the garden and the boys the boys what did the boys did