VLOG7 Cara Menerbangkan Drone DJI Phantom 3 atau 4 Mudah dan Cepat Untuk Pemula – Tutorial Dasar

Having luch SOTO VLOG NUMBER 7 QUICK START FOR FLYING DJI PHANTOM 3 STANDARD I just boughtthis drone called Phantom This actually is Phantom 3 But I rip off all the stickers So it looks like a Phantom 4 Now I'm going to teach you


sorry, not teaching I just going to give you example And telling you that how easy to fly this even for inexperienced person, They sure can fly this thing I will show you how to fly This drone quickly First of all, release the gimbals and camera protection Pull gimbals protector to your side, with other finger hold the camera And then remove the camera lens protector slowly BE CAREFUL with the gimbals arm, do not push or pull directly to it! Make sure you have put the micro SD card inside the camera DO NOT TOUCH THE LENS Push the micro SD card until you hear "click" sound There are four propellers with back and silver mark Put the black mark propeller to black mark motor Silver to silver And they are match in cross line And they cannot fit if not in proper place You don't have to remember where is the direction to fit the propeller They will not tighten if you tight them in the wrong direction So you need no worry if you put it in the wrong place You can do it quickly Tighten with your bare hand as you can

That would be enough Now the battery, make sure it was fully charged Watch me how to connect the battery I will show you how to fly it without using smartphone Now turn on the drone with pushing the power button twice then hold 2 seconds

When powered, the camera gimbals will do auto calibration That's why the camera and gimbals protection must be removed at first Turn on the remote controller Make sure the SW1 and SW2 on the top position I will fly without smartphone and application This fast yellow blinking lamp means, it warming up Wait until the lamp color turn to green

The green slow blinking lamp means the drone got the GPS signal And the here is the GPS antenna location so don't cover it with your hand Wait about 30-60 seconds for GPS signal lock Okay now the lamp turns green When the drone fly up, do not forget: The red lamp indicate the front side of the drone, and green lamp indicate the rear side That's why I don't put any sticker above the drone

Because I can only see the lamp from the ground Okay now prepare for flight