VertaGear PL4500 Racing Series Gaming Chair Time Lapse Build and Review

VertaGear PL4500 Racing Series Gaming Chair Time Lapse Build and Review

A gamer’s delight, the PL4500 will hit the sweet spot for extreme gamers. The racing-style gaming chair empowers your everyday gaming with the right features. Designed to give a wide range of adjustability that provides gamers with the best comfort and ergonomic support in every position for extended periods of time. The high backrest is designed to provide greater neck, shoulder, and lumbar support.

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If you are a gamer spending hours playing games, or you have to work long hours using your computer, you need definitely need to get a chair that will provide you total Comfort. VertaGear PL4500 Racing Series Gaming Chair is specially designed for Gamers and people who spend most of their day in a Chair working, to provide them total comfort through out the day. VertaGear Racing Series Gaming chair offers total control over your natural and comfortable posture by providing many adjustable options. Constructed with high quality material and a considerate design to provide comfort to gamers, VertaGear PL4500 is going to be your perfect gaming chair. You can spend hours in this chair comfortably and adjust it according to your comfortable posture. This chair definitely have made my gaming and working hours fun by providing me total comfort. Its totally highly recommended. Watch the complete video for detailed review and see why I love my VertaGear PL4500 Gaming chair. And don’t forget, a sweet RGB LED Light upgrade is coming soon.

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