VENDRE / ACHETER : drone DJI d’occasion

Hello friends we are today for I have news with the release of mavic of and its 2 declensions we see a second-hand market boom from the bottom of the mavic too much of the spark or too funny so the video of today she aims to you explain at the level of sales and buying your drones a few points do not forget or neglected so we will start by selling his drone so to sell his drone if however you are registered on civil aviation sites for trips for example in the United States or even even in France if you sell your throne do not forget to unsubscribe from these sites and to declare your drones as sold then you have another point that is the several people are wondering account level dj hi how's it going so there's no worry from the moment you go sell your drones the person who will buy it will have to create a account and link the drone to that account so he will not see your background and the drone and you will not see either what is happening on his funny evolutionary and every day and company it will be transparent gruff it's not the same anymore account then another point the card sd card sd before selling it do not forget to format it that would be pity that the future buyer see that you did two-three little overview beach does exist or or kind of bullshit purists will say yes but if we format the card sd we can when even go scrape information for see cad su thanks to software and good company we stop saying paranoia personally if i see a sd card who lille for me quickly I will not try to dig more far away if you're paranoid and ben you change the card sd you put a new where you sell it to embark on the summer but you take languages then like several months I know that I'm going to change the name of my group for a little fun tell you that the person who will buy she is going maybe galley at the beginning and will have a name of droid philippe and maybe not therefore necessarily give the original name I put you the link of a video of I had done a good time ago who explain how we put the name to them original name it's cooler for the seller more pro that makes it roanne who is who in original condition then for the seller a trick is who is still well presented to the buyer this is the data flight of the drone that will allow him to see the number of flying hours that has it and not of kilometers that he did that will show from the seller that you are from the buyer that you are in good faith I have so many hours of flight I have done so much km so here it looks like that you go to the top right of your application you click data flights sas displays a screenshot you him send tac we do not talk anymore you're reading so that was a little point for the seller has not forgotten a not neglect then for the buyer to the buyer is like when you buy a car ask the good questions is this a first hand is what he was crashing the drone if so why what has been changed is what you have repair bills do you have purchase invoice is always little things that seem a little futile but still hyper reassuring then at the level of the stats of the drone so buyers sees the demand and the stages of the drone by cons careful if it's not a first hand you will not have the flight data that of the person who had it last you will not have the one he had that than that of previous owner of the drone because that there was a change of account then what is what tell you yes if you have the opportunity to try or have a demonstration of the drone live it is always better it's always more reassuring it allows to have a contact with the seller to be able to see if these people who seems confident worry everything right away you do not feel it's a margoulin who are trying to smoke you if you have any doubt do not buy broken you're going to buy a drone elsewhere worse there are plenty there are plenty you will find necessarily the right drones at the right time that you but do not buy in the precipitation at the risk of making you then scam another point at level of enticing ads made attention there are plenty of 15 right now so there are some who benefit from it put yourself to count pretty much between 700 and 800 euros the magic trial this convoy we see pretty much sure market you see an ad at 500 euros on the good corner at the end of France beware it's an enticing ad it does not mean she is what is fraudulent but there is when even risks especially if these shipments a check finally here you know there are so much arnac there is so much d'arlac therefore prefer the contact with the person of a little demo that you lets see how and how and the guy and then and then that's it hoping that the sale is going well enjoy your new drone and then that you burst there is I you put in the description of the goods of tax evening what kind of things that can be nice to use I put you the link for example from more material I also use it can to be nice if you want to be put some videos on youtube is going do montages kind of things and then and then here I am telling you subscribe to the channel do not hesitate to ask questions if however you think of other things than the buyer or the seller has to put them in comment it will allow people who see the video of having additional information of set that I gave because it is that I gives still basic info we always have some specific cases if for example it's a drone of a professional or that kind of stuff so put a lot of information that will be always it's taken for people who buy or sell and then and that's it I think we have do the trick so I tell you good flight good sales good buy and then burst you are going hi