UX Design for drones + Lizzy Fenton’s awful self-pitch – The Good the Bad and the Tip

The good this week is or as you probably know it, DJI DJI is a chinese company

That's right: made in China! That has used powerful branding and design to position itself as a leader in drone manufacturing Seven out of ten drones you see today are actually manufactured by DJI Why the success? Amazing user experience, ie design They demystified droning and made it simple

They took this complicated thing that require you to be an expert pilot and made it foolproof Well, not entirely foolproof But still Applying an extremely complex technology to let you just point your phone and fly this thing or let it return to you if you're stupid enough to run out of battery Or making it look like this instead of this Are the reasons why drones have become the new hit

Kind of reminds me of that company that made computers simple and personal The bad for this week is Lizzie Fenton Lizzie decided to create a presentation to pitch herself to her crush This is a true story, by the way She talked about her job, her edgy style, and even more personal charts

But it didn't work Carter replied to this with a cold and uninspired response Lizzy, we want to help you Can you see what's wrong? Your slides! Your slides need our help We took your presentation and gave it a well deserved boost: less crowded text, bigger and clearer charts and much more colorful look

Carter won't be able to resist now Anyway, the tip for today is an app called Ummo It helps you practice your public speaking by tracking the number of times you say "um", or "like", or any other filler word you're probably using unconsciously It also lets you track your pace, your volume, over time, pauses, clarity accents and feedback Last week I got completely wasted at the office while recording our Blog2Vlog series

I'll let you know Are we going to call this "Drunk Marketing"? Umm was not really happy about it

Nor was my girlfriend, nor were our investors The team did seem to enjoy themselves though Check out Ummo at ummoappcom We'll see you in two weeks