Underwater Drones Customer Uses – Deep Trekker ROVs

Hi, I'm Amanda from Deep Trekker And I'm here just doing our final preparations for the Miami International Boat Show, and I was thinking about a blog I wrote, not too long ago

about the things you must experience when you're underwater These things included, stepping back in time and seeing what you can discover in an underwater shipwreck Going to an underwater zoo, and seeing all the different ecosystems in the coral reefs Or finding some lost treasure Who doesn't want to find gold? But today I wanted to go over Five of the most interesting things that I've heard from our customers, what they're doing with their Deep Trekkers around the world Number 1: Our Deep Trekkers are working on the west coast of Canada, and there they accidentally dropped a 30 ft intake pipe in over 250 ft of water

Our Deep Trekker ROV with the grabber arm, went down on brought the pipe right back up to the surface Saving the company thousands of dollars Number 2: Our ROVs are around the world, providing their heroism And were actually working in the South Korea ferry disaster, going where it was too dangerous for divers to go Number 3: Our ROVs, are showing their bravery, one was even found in a storm water pipe with an alligator

Yes, it went up right close and personal with all the teeth and alligator scales, and surprisingly didn't get a bite Number 4: Our ROVs having been living the life of luxury It's fitting that we are going down to the Miami Boat Show where there are thousands of super yachts there And so many of them have the Deep Trekker ROVs just waiting to explore the underwater world There we've found them searching for octopuses in the Keys, Or going down to reefs and wrecks for the owners and captains to enjoy

And last but not least, our ROVs are going viral around the world Yes, we have a customer in the UK that is doing a lot of carp fishing with it And has started a YouTube channel of the things he has saw underwater Which is quite different from what people believe happen when carp fishing

Some of these videos he has of the Deep Trekker ROV, have between 15,000 and 30,000 views Something that is so incredible that so many people are being able to see exactly what is happening underwater Are you interested in exploring the underwater world? make sure to visit us at the Miami Boat Show, we'll be at booth 4003 With our 200 gallon water tank ready for you to pilot our ROV www