Under $20 Drone Review

Hi guys!! let’s have a Look at this mini drone from china and See if it is Worth the $20 that we spent on it Before we get started though, link is in the description if you wanna Buy it and lets get started

ok i am gonna be very honest here… my expectation are not very high but hopefully i am wrong Let’s open it up Packing is just as cheap as possible we have the drone, the Controller the charging usb and some instructions with English and Chinese Version

first thing to notice is the material is all plastic i feel like if i drop it once, it might not work afterwards that could be one of the reason why the age was mentioned on the box I skimmed over the instructions and I am Kinda Impressed by what it Claims it can do… like it can do some 3d Flip in the air just by pressing a Button and it can also do some automatic presentation of its skills for you

I really hope that it actually does it as well and not just Claim for it anyways… lets have a closer Look at the drone its tiny… it does have the Plastic make but it seems strong enough to hold some Crashes… the main chips and brains are open to crashes… and they are not protected at all anyways we will have to Charge it up so let’s do that the Controller is made out of much cheaper material than the drone it has the Controller Sticks and These Buttons to do some calibration which are pretty impressive as well as the presentation and Flip Buttons

the Layout of Buttons is done very well… Kinda like any other gaming controller Ok now that the charging is done and we have the Batteries for the Controller, lets turn it on So we See the LED lights indicating the connection… blinking led lights mean that the connection is Happening and it Takes about 2-3 seconds and impressively the Handshake between the Controller and the drone is not a Problem at all… Let’s do some Tests… I am gonna do it inside so we dont lose it outside in the trees…

the Controller is very sensitive and its hard to hold it at one place but i think its doable with some practice and See if it can withhold the beating and crashes So i must say that it Works much better than the expectation and is strenger then expected Now lets see if it can do all the tricks as mentioned…

!!! Ok… So i am confident to say that this is a drone best for your kids as their first drone and the functionality that it comes with, is totally Worth more than the price if you do have a Budget more than $20, you should still shop around more but for under 20 Bucks,… this is definitely a great deal With that being Said, make sure you subscribe for more content like this and I will See you guys in the next one PEACE!!!



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