Welcome to this new unboxing by ShareThePrice Today is Sunday, July 1st and I was lucky to be able to get a product that I ordered a month ago and that I waited impatiently I went to get it an hour ago and I can not wait any longer to unpack it

That's why I decided to make this unboxing video that was not really planned, to unpack with you now But what is this product? This product is Parrot's new drone: the Anafi I waited for a long time that Parrot decides to counter-attack DJI by proposing a new drone at the height of what the competition does This model, which is super portable, is here to compete with Mavic Air being sold cheaper and offering a perfect size for travel I decided to buy this product for my travel set up and to enjoy the 4K seen from the sky with a product really reduced in size

I will offer you another video with the test, my impressions on this product, but there place unpacking!