UAV- / Drone-based civil engineering – surveying of a slope and rock stabilization

On site flight mission planning and preparation Climbing up the slope to reach a safe starting and landing point

Stress free data aquisition next to heavy traffic areas Conventional surveying tools such as total stations or laserscanners are not usable in these conditions Data aquisition via alternative methods capturing the entire structure based on high quality aerial images The detailed planning of the replacement of the anchors and safety nets will be based on the highly accurate geo-referenced 3D-Model of the slope and rock area High resolution images

generated via a team operation in GPS-controlled flight mode Start and land from each position of the structure By using the automatic data aquisition features from our AscTec Navigator, the entire slope can be covered The data will be later used in the process planning The 500m long and 150m high slope is quickly covered, and fine details of the rock area are recorded

A few markers are placed to geo-reference the 3D-model Project overview Geo-referenced 3D-reconstruction of the rock area Polygonal mesh used for CAD-software