TUTO – Drone racing (FC HappyModel F4 Super_S) : montage et configuration (BetaFlight et BLheli)

Components Fix the 4 motors

Solder the cable with the XT30 plug to the +/- of the ESC Fix the ESC on the frame and solder the 12 wires on the pads (pay attention to the placement of the motors) The direction of rotation can be configured later in BLHELI IBUS VERSION: Solder the radio receiver to the IBUS port (Flysky FS A8S) SBUS VERSION: Solder the radio receiver to the SBUS port (Frsky XM +)

WITH OSD: prepare the camera and the VTX to weld on the FC The VTX binds to the FC and powers the camera The yellow threads (videos) will go on the FC WITHOUT OSD: connect the camera to the VTX and solder the +/- of the VTX on 5V – of the FC Solder the camera and the VTX on the FC according to the scheme (IBUS)

Solder the camera and the VTX on the FC according to the scheme (SBUS) Pair the radio receiver and remote control: press the Bind button on the receiver while powering the card (the button must be pressed while you turn on the card) Turn on the radio control in bind mode (or bind according to radio control procedures) Then turn on the radio control again and configure the auxiliaries Disconnect the USB and connect the FC to the ESC to make tests on BF

Connect the USB of the drone to a computer and start Betaflight (you can also test the camera with a mask) Configure the UART1 in serial RX (SAVE AND REBOOT) Configure the axis of the FC On this model, the card is oriented 45° on the YAW (SAVE AND REBOOT)

Configure in IBUS with an IBUS radio receiver (SAVE AND REBOOT) Configure in SBUS with an SBUS radio receiver (SAVE AND REBOOT) Test the connection and set the "channel map" according to your criteria (SAVE) Configure ESCs in dshot600 (SAVE AND REBOOT) Test the correct placement of the motors and the direction of rotation, motor by motor

THE PROPELLERS MUST BE REMOVED! If a motor does not turn in the right direction, make the changes in BLHELI Configure the modes and auxiliaries according to the auxiliaries defined in your radio control (SAVE) Calibrate the accelerometer The drone must be flat Screw the camera bracket onto the top plate

Fix the components (the image is just an example) Test everything with BF Add the propellers Add the battery Enjoy!