Top Six FPV Drone Racing Beginner Mistakes

I am Joshua Bardwell and you will learn something today At least I hope you learn something If you're new to hobby drone racing, quadcopter, mulitrootoring or whatever you want to call it

In this video, I treat the, in my opinion, biggest mistakes beginners make in this hobby And if you are new to this hobby you can hopefully avoid these mistakes And if you're not new to the hobby, maybe I can Entertain with my opinion on bugs and you can in the comments Give your opinion on this or tell me if I have overlooked any Share your horror stories so other newcomers can read your stories and see that I do not invent anything here;) Without further delay let us start with the list Point 1 on the list is: Not spending enough time learning how to fly in the simulator You can get a simulator that will teach you to fly a multirotor The experience in the simulator is not exactly like flying in real life The simulation is not perfect But she's actually pretty close

And 5 or maybe 10 hours in the simulator will really help you when you go out with the real copter for the first time to fly The following is true: the first time you fly properly you will crash !! You will not fly wonderfully and clean landing It will not all go great That just will not happen! At least not for 99% of us And the second time you will crash, that third time you will be stuck in a tree And the fourth time you will fly in something else There will be many accidents Gradually, the crashes become less and less So do the first 50, 100, 200 crashes in the simulator You can simply press reset and fly again immediately

To waste no time you should use a remote control and not a controller from a game console, etc Only then will the movements that you make and memorize are still valid The great thing is that if you already know which remote you will buy then there is usually an adapter, like this one with which one wants to use the remote control which one later later outside, then at the PC can use I can not stress enough how important this time is for someone new to the hobby It's not cool or sexy to sit in front of a PC instead of flying outside with your drone But if you saved your hard-earned money and bought a drone There is nothing worse than ramming and destroying the new drone into the ground and being unable to fly And this will happen As Charpu once said

Never fall in love with a drone !! You will destroy them! It will happen! And then fix it and then you go back in the air and destroy it again, etc, etc But that's only in the beginning so best in the simulator The second mistake on the list: Flying in auto-level mode If you want to fly a camera sheet like a Phantom or Mavic or something if you want to fly this kind of threat Then auto level, GPS etc are perfect! That's what they are there for But if you want to fly races or acrobatics, you will fly in Acro mode NOT AUTO LEVEL MODE Sometimes people ask if I fly in auto-level fashion in my videos or not, and I just want to pop one myself No one flies in one of these awesome racing or acrobatic videos in auto-level fashion Auto-level seems to be a good thing Acro seems heavy at the beginning And yes, it may take a bit longer to learn Once you have learned the least such as hovering will become auto-level Fight them every step towards racing and acrobatics And yes, I know someone out there is saying, "I know someone who won a race in car level" Nice for him! But that does not mean that's a good idea Ok? Take it! but! Auto-Level brings you all sorts of bad habits Learn to fly in Acro or Rate Mode Same fashion just different names

Do not learn to fly in auto-level fashion It's heavier in the beginning but that's why it's the simulator but if you get it out then it will be so much better You can not learn in auto-level mode and then say, "So now I just change", that's not so easy They have so many bad habits of auto-level fashion that the transition to Acro Mode now takes more than twice as long! So swallow the bitter medicine and learn in acro-fashion Need no subtitle 🙂 The third item on the list: Too much for his pay at the model shop around the corner to pay The following often happens: Someone wants to start a threat race so he goes to the model shop and says: "I want a racing drone" And the local model shop sells him well, something The one then pays 2-3 times as much as he should for equipment that breaks down quickly or requires the pilot I know there are good model shops and they absolutely deserve your support But in so many times I was they had nothing I wanted I wanted props but they did not have opposing props because they do not do drones and I thought, "what am I doing here?" or if they have what they want or need, then it is so overpriced And yes, as a local store you have more desire than if you run a warehouse in China I understand that I appreciate that I do not mind paying more so I can go to a store, buy something and go out again But I heard about it people have paid $ 50 for a Naze32 And that's just not okay So do not run into the next model building You can probably buy things cheaper on the internet You get a better product for less money And if you say, "Well I want to support my local model shop" then please only if it is a really good, and unfortunately there is not much of it Error No 4! Being stingy!! When people ask what the entry into drone racing costs, I say about between $ 600 and $ 1300

Depending on what you can / want to spend If you have nothing and start from scratch Yes you can keep it cheaper than $ 600 Somewhere around the $ 300 But it will be questionable If you buy the absolutely cheapest, so from the recycler Then you waste money You get stuff that does not last long, that does not make fun while flying and you end up replacing it This point is not easy for me Let's be realistic it's not a cheap hobby and I hope that so many people who would like to record it could do so So I do not want to say that if someone has so much money that he can not get into this hobby I do not want to down the one who runs this hobby with the cheapest stuff and has fun doing it but if you have something more to spend it is probably worth giving it too I would say if you $ 500- $ 600 including your drone, video glasses, remote control, and everything else for the first time then you probably hit it pretty well If you pay more than that then you may have better components or you paid a little too much, that's bad luck So if you have less, somewhere in the range of $ 300- $ 400 I've seen some decent drones in the range of $ 200- $ 250 I have even reviewed some There are some good and even very good drones in the area So let's say $ 200 for the drone Allow $ 100 for some head-wear goggles and another $ 50- $ 100 for any remote So we are in the range of $ 300- $ 400 Should you pay much less than that maybe you should reconsider that Error No

5 Rush To tackle it too fast But this hobby is about fast or? One is so excited to finally fly that one overlooks things And the stereotypical example that we see every Christmas (also I lost my drone day) Is that people stand out without knowing how failsafe works And then the drone flies away And we make fun of phantom users that happens But race drones pilots pass this too It's a complicated hobby And there are many things you can do wrong Many mistakes you can make And there are things you need to know How to set up failsafe and a few others but we do not go that far in this video One rushes off so much that one gets into the air that you do not spend your time in the simulator you do not set failsafe and other mistakes And in the end, this beautiful new drone is scrap Take the time you need to learn the things you need to learn then they will have a better first flight experience And how do you know what these things are? and that leads us to mistake # 6 Get in alone I know They live on the butt of the world You do not know anyone who is flying a drone Yes you have requested me You asked for help over the internet Frantic! Because your flight controller did not work because your receiver did not go yes you come to me

I will do everything I can but there is only so much that I can do as any guy on the net If they were in a room with me then I could probably fix it in 20 minutes and it would be done but troubleshooting the internet is an exercise in frustration There is a flight group near you depends on the definition of closeness One guy I spoke with was in the middle of nowhere Texas and I said why do not you go to San Antonio? or oh, I know Auston or any city nearby And he said it would be 2h journey So I meant on some Saturday you make a day out of it contact the group via Facebook find someone! People in this hobby are so helpful So contact you !! Facebook or any other way find someone who helps you Drive for 2 hours who cares? This is Texas since there are 2 hours a normal commuter route spend 5-6 hours there in someone's workshop Work on your threat Learn and listen to the information and then drive home for 2 hours And you had a great day or? it's great to spend time like that Wherever you live There is very likely to be a club nearby (maximum 2-3 hours drive) And if you find them go to Facebook and search for them City, name, FPV or city name drone race Try it, they're out there! Facebook is amazingly good, even better than google because many of these groups have no website but a Facebook group Look for these keywords, find the people out there Do not think that you are alone with this stuff It's too much to learn alone You will be overwhelmed and then frustrated You will have a muzzle, you will give up and that is a pity The dream you had to enter this hobby is real you can live it

But there are many hurdles to overcome and it's so much easier if you have someone to help you with it Well there you have it Those are, erm how much did I have now, oh yes six six biggest mistakes made by newbies in the racing drone hobby Tell me what you think Whether I have overlooked some Whether I made any mistakes I've probably missed some Tell your horror stories or mistakes you made when you started Write them down in the comments Thank you for watching

Happy flying