The Phantom Drone Quadcopter Captures Stunning Images unlike ever before

the conceptual phantom drone quadcopter by Alice is an advanced piece of technology that will enable avid photographers to capture images unlike ever before sure this isn't the first time any of us have seen a drone with a camera in fact many of today's available units come standard with some version of a built in photography element while the drone is hardly the first solution to be integrated with a camera the quadrocopter design takes panoramic cameras already impressive image capturing capability to a whole new level it allows you to shoot all the details in one stretch of a picture helping users take breathtaking snapshots of travels comprehensive spreads for special occasions or capture wide area coverage for VR and AR it can even be used by public services to monitor activities detect incidents track the flow of people and more and all with one camera the conceptual phantom drone can copter can also be used for monitoring the activity that is going on in the public ranging from the flow of people to traffic to make it a powerhouse for hobbyists and civil servants