The New

alright guys so this is it, the first test flights of the new FPV 'Mariner' as you know we just had a first four arrived from China and we've been building it and putting it together and doing our tests and everything and we're gonna give it a quick test now we're not going to take it up with any cameras anything this is first time off the ground so we just wanna bring it up, hover, make sure everything is set up properly balanced and then we'll take it from there so what we need to do first is just to open up the cover as you know with the four thumbscrews just like so okay we're going to hook up the LED wire first now before we power up the battery first thing we want to do of is course to turn on the transmitter okay everything looks good got our green flashing and now we've got a single flash which means we're tracking more than six satellites so she's good to go and we're looking like all systems go so far just testing the cyclic controls, ailerons ok, the rudder is working the right way as you can see we've got a little bit of gusty conditions here, we're in the courtyard at Isle de Sol keeps us out of the main breeze but it's also getting us whoops but it's also getting us lots of little swirly wind conditions in and around here and up we go

alright so we've seen it can hover, we know we're doing alright there and this is a waterproof unit so we're gonna give it our first test flight into the pool just drop it down, settle it down and then bring it back out again see how we make out now let's try and steer it around in the water a little bit like a boat that's hands off, just hovering on its own just sitting even in the gusts you can see it correcting for itself automatically and the accuracy is very good even considering the amount of wind in here very responsive even given the amount of corrections that it's doing on it's own to combat these gusts alright, so that concludes our tests, first tests for today

we've done a water test, hover test, done a little bit of aerial just around and just testing, you know, making sure it's GPS locking good and everything seems be accurate, and it's actually doing a really good job tracking in this amount of wind see the flags up there and you get an idea what it is we're dealing with