The Basics Of UK CAA Rules For Flying Drones & Other Remote Controlled Aircraft. Drone Aware Day

The Basics Of UK CAA Rules For Flying Drones and Other Remote Controlled Aircraft congratulations on your purchase of an unmanned aircraft I'm sure you're dying to fly it but before you do please beware a few rules you are legally responsible for the safe conduct of each flight and failure to follow the rules could lead to criminal prosecution check your aircraft for damage before each flight to make sure that everything is working in accordance with the suppliers user manual

When flying you must keep the aircraft within your sight at all times You are responsible for avoiding collisions with other people or objects including aircraft Do not fly or unmanned aircraft in a way that could endanger people or property it is illegal to fly your unmanned aircraft over a congested area such as streets towns and cities also stay well clear as airports and airfields Don't fly unmanned aircraft within 50 meters in a person vehicle, building, or structure Or overhead groups of people at any height

Think about what you do with any images you obtain as you may breach privacy laws Details on that are available from the Information Commissioner's Office ICO orguk if you intend to use it unmanned aircraft for any kind of commercial activity you must get what is called a commission from the CAA or you could face prosecution for details please visit www dot CAA co

uk forward slash uas so that's fly safe and have fun with your amazing unmanned aircraft