Review Syma X5C – Multirotor – Quandcoptero – AGBR # 101

Hi guys, welcome back We posting videos again and presenting our new sponsor, GearBest!! Thank you GearBest for the present, this nice spotting scope

But this video is about this Multirotor! Those who watch our videos note we use aerial footage some times This one is a great option for those want to start playing with this flying toys Obviously this is not a professional equipment but allow you to know, spending few dollars if you want the next step Syma X5C it is a complete kit to start flying a multirotor

You have all you need in one package This model is very light, VERY VERY LIGHT!! Scared me a bit how light it is When you look it, isn´t so small and you expect a corresponding weight Surprise! For this reason I was wondering how it will fly outdoor in wind conditions Pff, flies perfectly

As I said before it is a complete set Come with propellers protection , radio, You probably already saw it, come with HD camera (2 Gb mini-sd card included), Full set of spare propellers, after all if you are a newbie fatally you will break some Battery charger (Usb), Mini Sd card reader, 24 Ghz Radio Ps you take photos and switch recording on/off by the radio

The HD camera also take snapshots The battery is placed in a internal slot just above the camera Let´s take a look in the instructions manual Manual in English, simple but absolutly complete All you need you will find in this manual

Very very nice manual I´m showing just a few pages You find assembly, maintenance, operational instructions, well everything

Let´s start some tests?? The default equimpment (protections, and landing gear) has 109 g or 1682 grains or 384 oz Start hovering Will keep 1 meter from the ground From take off to landing we have 7 min and 17 sec with this setup

But after you got some experience and stop crashing all the time, you can remove the landing gear and the protections Doing that you reduce 17 grams the total weight and with 17 grams less the flying time is this: 1 min more flying

TIP: full battery charge spends more than 1 hour, so if you going to buy, add 1 or 2 extra batteries Well, manual is good so I will not talk about how it works, let´s see how it flies This model has a extreme smooth flying, it is easy to control, a fantastic choice for begginers Is it able to loop or flip? Let´s check it out!! If you keep pressed this right button here and move the right stick up, down, right or left he loops or flips I could talk more 10 or 15 min about this guy but I don´t want a much longer video I finish this video telling you this Want a inexpensive and excelent flying toy Buy it!! Link to buy in video description

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