Review MJX Bugs 6 Drone Brushless

Hi friends, thanks for visiting in this channel This time we will discuss the drones are still fairly new in this country The MJX Bugs 6 MJX Bugs 6 is already equipped with 4 pieces of dynamo motor that has been brushless, well for you that doesn't understand, i will explain it what brushless motor is? The brushless motor in the dynamo is usually higher than the brush and relative speed does not require additional gear then motor speed is more efficient and the sound is not too noisy because the outer part of the rotating dynamo If we buy mjx bugs 6 we will get Hey guys please click the purchase link that I put dideskripsi this video Appearance of MJX Bugs 6 is quite sporty wrapped in black and drones racing make us so confident when taking it Like this

For our own performance first try at field ok Let's go Equipped with 2S 1300mah and battery 74 v the drone is able to reach more or less equal to 300 meters and power it lo that make scary seem like rosi huh this is it isn't it wow When viewed from eagle eyes like this ya For those of you who want to try this drone is guaranteed and no doubt about it with a price below 15 million rupiah made it your own all the information may be clear if not clear please comment below I'll help cool right attraction Maybe quite a few short review this time and play safe in the air guys