Reveal effect colour correction examples with DJI Phantom Drone videos

Hi everyone Patrick here, so I am in this hotel, look at these nice chairs, look, aren't they just lovely, its really really nice Anyway I am trying to finish editing the 2nd part of this whole nd filter debacle, which I have had, I already had filmed the intro to this video but, unfortunately the audio in the car just wasn't working out (I am going out to the exact same spot as yesterday), there is just so much to remember

Ok so if you watched the video last week, you will know that I was determined to really try and get a good solid test of the nd filters, the weather had been predicted to be really good, but when I went to film it, it was super windy, so between the wind and the firmware update that I made, everything going back to their normal settings, then going back and trying to reset everything so that I could get my head around the proper settings to maximise the use of the phantom 4, it all turned out a bit messy There is another video check it out if you havent seen it already, but I eventually got out the 3rd time, and that's what I am going to show you now, thanks for sticking around, thanks for watching don't forget to like and subscribe, share hit the bell button, do all those things that your supposed to do, and all the rest, so that you are notified and yeah, we'll catch you again Bye Bye Why is there always so much noise when you go to film? there hasn't been a single word in this lobby in the last hour, I start to do my intro and everything starts to happen, you can never win Alright, i've got something I can go back to work with now, and I am a bit clearer in my head the whole, the whole objective, a lot better than I was yesterday

A lot more content Ok so thank you for joining me again on this lovely evening, and eh I hope to see you again, Bye bye