Phantom 4 Pro Drone Camera ( Helicam ) Unboxing , Setup and First fly – Tamil-Phantom 4 pro in India

Dji Phantom 4 Pro Drone Camera, Unbox,Setup and First fly 4k Resolution will fly 7 kms from Remote fly 500 metres height will fly 70 kms speed Sensor Available to stop crashing Drone with Camera,Remote contol, Remove the camera cover DJI Phantom 4 pro+ is latest model in Phantom series 8 Propillers in box Set silver round propiller with black symbol Set silver round propiller with black symbol Download DJI GO 4 app on your phone Connect mobile and Remote Click DJI GO 4 application Select phantom 4 and click enter Double Click Remote button (hold 3 seconds for second click) Click on Drone Battery (Double click, Hold on 3 seconds on second click) Camera will rotate left,right,down Drone will rotate and move Front, Back, Up, Down Camera brightness adjustable with ISO settings Return to Home mode available to land drone safely (if drone is uncontrol)