Pentagon Orders $1.7M Worth of Balloon Drones

The US

military wants more hot air balloon-like drones The Pentagon announced earlier this month that it had ordered camera-toting, helium-filled balloon-style drones known as the Winch Aerostat Small Platform, or WASP These tethered drones, made by Drone Aviation Holding Corp, can be used for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and communications purposes According to Drone Aviation, WASP balloons can be assembled by two people in under an hour

They can be operated while tethered to either a moving or stationary vehicle The latest contract marks the fourth time the Defense Department has purchased the WASP system Under the terms of the contract, valued in excess of $17 million, Drone Aviation will deliver the WASP tactical drones before the end of the third quarter of 2018 The company declined to say which military branch will take possession

For United News International, in Washington, DC, I’m Caitlin Mangum