Patagonia Wildlife by drone and GoPro

Puerto Madryn, Argentina is a city of nearly 100,000 people located on the Patagonian coast The city itself is a vibrant and fun place to explore, with beautiful beaches, excellent restaurants, and active lifestyle But what makes Puerto Madryn such a popular destination is that it is the gateway to some incredible wildlife attractions that are begging to be explored These are a few of our favorites

Logo The Peninsula Valdes, located a few hours from Puerto Madryn is a hotspot for wildlife The region hosts Guanacos, the Patagonian Hare, and even penguins, but we’ll get to those later Our first stop in Peninsula Valdes was Puerto Piramides, where we embarked on a whale watching tour We were near the end of the calving season, but we still managed to come across sets of mother and calf southern right whales The boys made sure to check these ones off of their wildlife list

On our way back, we stopped to check out the Elephant seal colony on El Arenal beach Watching these beasts roll around on the sand was a lot of fun The next day we set out with Master Divers to get up close and personal with sea lions in Punta Loma It was a special experience since it was the first time the boys were able to join us on the boat for a dive trip It felt amazing getting under the water with these playful creatures and seeing just how much more nimble they were in the water than us! Our last day in Puerto Madryn was extra special Our boys are obsessed with penguins, and visiting the Magellanic penguin colony in Punta Tombo was something they were really looking forward to

Our tour company, Say Henque had given the boys stuffed penguins as a gift, and they never left their hands the whole trip Seeing this colony of half a million penguins was amazing Living in nests that they dig under the ground was very cool, but what made it even more special was that nesting season was in full force, and many of the nests were filled with penguin chicks We had seen Guanacos from the van as we drove around the region, but it was almost as though they knew it was our last stop in the area, so as we were getting ready to leave, they came by to give us a personal visit as well Puerto Madryn and the Patagonia region makes for an unforgettable family adventure, and we can’t wait to get back here and explore some more