Parrot Drone Announcement | New Drones Coming June 6, 2018?

well parrot is finally releasing either a single new drone or multiple new drones at least it looks that way it's kind of hard to say from their announcement page that you see here what's good everybody your friendly neighborhood Gadget Inspector here welcome to the Gadget Inspector Channel we are into drones and all kinds of gadgets here so if you're into that you're in the right place thank you for stopping by in good suspense building marketing fashion parrot just isn't revealing much at this point the only indicator that we have are these glowing lights which to me looks like some sort of battery that's all we got so 40 days from now lands us out at about June 6 so there's plenty of time for us to speculate about what Parrot is up to now last year parrot laid off some of their employees and that that's usually a signal that things aren't going well or it could just be an indication of realignment or reorganization and reorganization sounds about right to me because for a spell parrot dipped its toe into the commercial side of the market mainly in the agricultural space so despite the layoffs looks like parrot is coming to market with a new drone singular or new drones plural I'm a big fan of parrots products as some of you may know parrot bebop 2 is one of my favorites and one of the more underrated drones out there I think so here are some of my speculations it could be a new bebop so it could be the bebop 3 right with a 4k camera this time maybe it has a gimble instead of image stabilisation obstacle avoidance 3d mapping maybe a 360-degree camera maybe some kind of modular design or it could be a new foldable design along the same lines of the DJI Mavic line of drone it could be a new disco but I could totally see them releasing all of the above everything I just mentioned they could do it could just be a new Mambo whatever they do I hope it's not just an upgrade like the Bebop Power was but if you really think about it Parrot as a company seems to dance to the beat of their own drum so you never know what they have cooked up so what do you guys think let me know in the comments now another thing that leads me to believe that this is going to be a release of a suite of drones is because the bebop 2 and the disco have dropped in price a lot more recently so you can see the disco here is going for four hundred twelve dollars now they only have one left so that price might go up but even if they hit at about $500 I still think this is a great deal you're getting the sky controller 2 – you're getting the goggles and you're getting what I think is a really amazing fixed-wing / drone and as I mentioned before the bebop 2 has really come down in price as well you can grab a bundle for 400 bucks I'll go ahead and put a card up for that playlist for the series of videos I did on the bebop 2 and these are still really good drones I don't believe in writing off drones because they've been out a while as long as they're still being supported by the manufacturer and the technology is still viable I think it provides a great option and opportunity for those of us that are looking for a quality product at a bargain so again check out my series of videos that I did on the bebop 2- actually the most popular video that I've uploaded to the channel to date is on the bebop 2 – so check that out alright y'all that's all I got just wanted to share some of that information with you I'm really interested to hear what you guys think I'm kind of excited because DJI has just been hammering out a lot of great drones and they're not stopping but I think it's good for all of us for another company like parrot to give us quality alternatives so if you liked the video hit me with a like if you're not a subscriber please consider doing so man I got so much good stuff coming I have about a hundred or more videos on the channel already so I'm sure you'll find something that you like and if you know anybody that might be interested in this video share it with them and until next time be good to somebody and by virtue of that you end up being good to yourself see y'all in the next one later