Parrot Disco-Pro AG – Official Video

Valentin C French farmer Parrot Sequoia Multispectral Sensor 12Mpx red, green, ultraviolet and infrared sensors 16Mpx RGB Camera Create automatic flight plans easily Takeoff launched 1

FLY Parrot Disco-Pro High Definition 1080P Camera 14MP Camera Air speed sensor Advanced autopilot CHUCK 30 minutes of flight time Real-time streaming video for visual tracking 2 CAPTURER Automatic capture of plot data from the sky Coverage: up to 80Ha at 120m altitude in a single flight Automatic landing 3 ANALYZE Send your photos to the cloud with Airinov First + Get your zoning cards & NDVI after a few hours Get detailed information on the status of your crops 4 DECIDE & ACT Optimize the treatment of your crops + Improve the quality of your production + Increase the yield + Reduce the costs The all-in-one drone for precision farming Included in the kit