Parrot ANAFI Drone: In-Depth Testing!

what's up guys i'm ben from authentech and today we're back doing a follow-up video on the new ANAFI drone from parrot so of course if you miss my first video make sure you go back and check it out later i want to do a bit more in-depth testing on the new anna fee it's camera and especially their new free flight six app that they just released one thing to remember this is beta software that I'm using I received the quad before public release so finishing touches are still being applied now let's go fly there's no one here let's do some test bolts now they're free flight six app they say it has a new modernized interface and I agree it is user friendly and it's intuitive I like how you can quick and fast customize your controls and settings now first up under smart drone ease there's dolly zoom it's creating that cool vertigo effect as the drone pulls back but zooms in at the same time the idea is to keep your subject the same size while the background zooms in and out to create a very cool and unique perspective I think this one's one of my favorites boomerang moves that ana fee drone from front to back maintaining you at the center tornado spirals the drone from bottom to top keeping you in the center of the video at all times Orbitz mode spins the nfe drone horizontally around you parabola flies the drone from your front to the back following a bow like trajectory under cine shots here's a few more ways to create some easy and automatic cinematic looking footage 360 degrees this one rotates the drone around capturing your surroundings in one smooth video shot reveal and if he moves forward filming the ground while gradually lifting its camera to reveal the landscape on the horizon epic nfe gradually flies away at a distance of 60 meters putting the landscape into perspective rise nfe Rises with the camera facing the ground and gradually turning towards the horizon then ending with a panorama revealing the backdrop under standard mode there's plenty of different resolutions and frame rates available slow-motion mode is an automatic recording with on-the-spot slow-motion results basically it's automatically slowing down the footage for you to share while on the field under hyperlapse mode that's where it accelerates the video for you so capturing a sunset or clouds passing by under cinema mode that records full 4k resolution at 4096 by 2160 with a 17 by 9 aspect ratio this is a must-have for professionals in film and video production I also like to turn on P log here for more advanced color grading and post high frame rate mode for those higher frame rates and then you slow down and post there's two photo modes single for single shots and JPEG or Adobe DNG RAW timer mode counts down and then takes the shop you can determine the seconds countdown under settings cameraman now this is a framing assistant allowing you to automatically frame your subject while you maintain control of the nfe drones movements this one is one of my favorites it keeps me or whatever subject I'm shooting center of frame while I can focus on flying the drone rotating around or rising up coming down now follow me mode is even more advanced it's using visual tracking plus GPS so it's always making sure you're at heart of the action they say with its visual recognition technology paired with the position of your smartphone and if we can film you horizontally and vertically without you having to touch the controls so basically it's not only keeping you center of frame but it's also locked onto your position while trying to keep that same distance the whole time as you move it's very cool touch and fly you can explore your surroundings without even piloting you're drunk you simply point to the positions on your screen and I'll auto fly there I could see this one being really good for hyperlapse under flight plan you can plan your flight routes on the map and then sit back and enjoy as the drone takes off for an automatic flight Pio eye or point of interest you basically set points on the map and then it can fly around those points there is smart return to home feature which is really nice so if the drone ever loses connection or the battery life is low it'll automatically return to your current location it also is calculating the duration of the return journey so it should always come back in time this is nice this is a really great way to see some test footage as well it shows off how the gimbal and the electronic image stabilization works both in manual flying and in those automatic smart modes and there you have it some in-depth testing of the nfe drone it's smart flying modes and camera performance I've been flying every day now for almost a week and I'm still quite impressed I really like how fast and easy it is to unfold and get in the air flying right away I'm liking the camera quality more and more as I find its best settings I'm actually really digging that zoom feature and I think it's a bigger deal than I originally thought I captured this fun little sample cinematic sequence and now having that extra reach of camera zoom it sort of opens up a whole other level of creative shots now stay tuned and ring the bell because I'm really excited for my next video where I'll be comparing side-by-side this nfe versus the DJI Mavic air which is pretty close in price range I'm really intrigued with how their cameras stack up thank you guys so much for watching until next time let's live all Denton