Parrot ANAFI 4K HDR Drone: Hands-On Review!

This is an exclusive hands-on review of the brand-new ANAFI drone from parrot it features 4k HDR video 3-axis image stabilization ultra portable 25 minute flight time and a whole lot more now I'm Ben from Authentech let's check this drone out now first up my fault disclaimer huge thanks to parrot for sending me this sample unit before public release but know this video is not sponsored they just sent me the drum and remember parrot is one of the biggest competitors to DJI in the world market and I believe competition is healthy for us consumers know without further ado let's jump right in package contents includes the nfe drone with one battery remote controller a 16 gig micro SD card USB cable and eight additional spare props first impressions right off the bet I was super impressed with how lightweight this drone is and there's still nice attention to details like low rubber feet on the skids or the batteries are rechargeable via USB type-c I really like this convenience and efficiency from here or I can charge it out on the go with a battery bank also cool it's quick and easy to fold and unfold each wing pops into place and unlike other drones out there there's no order in which you need to open or close some before others it's a small detail but nice and on that note I'm working on a full in-depth side-by-side comparison video of this drone versus the DJI Mavic err stay tuned for that one coming soon the included carrying case is nice quality well padded inside and the drone fits in there perfect unfortunately there's no room for the controller but not a big deal it's semi small as is the transmitter feels good in hand both left and right rubber sticks are spring-loaded to Center up top there's plenty of buttons for taking photos and video tilting the gimbal and more the cell phone clamp is pretty cool designed with Wi-Fi antenna built-in once you flip it up it auto turns on the controller and then you just simply slide it in your phone the USBC cable includes for connecting your phone to the transmitter and from in the app you control your camera and other settings more on all this shortly now let's go out for my first test plate we're windy out here but they say it can withstand some good winds we got some nice blue sunny skies first flight hit 2% auto landed that is mighty close to the water you Jesus we can fly okay sweet pup phone out just connect or off drone pull down my worth no questions I won't very good there's two main flying mode film mode where all the controls are slow and precise it's really nice for getting your shots I also was in sport mode a lot and it is fast i maxed out most of those settings and it whips around fast I tried 4k video with and without HDR for to Billy and compact miss is nice I was able to unfold and get in the air fast and battery life lasted pretty long not sure fill 25 minutes but I was out there for a while here's some my first flight impressions precision and finesse in the transmitter is really nice even in sport mode I was able to capture some really cool cinematic looking shots the horizon level was a little bit wonky and giving me a bit of troubles but thankfully we can tinker with gimble calibrations in the settings battery life is actually really good too they rate it up to 25 minutes of flight time and looking at my time codes I took off at 149 and final landing at 215 which is 25 minutes exactly however I did land once or twice with short breaks so actual flying time is a bit shy of that 25 minutes but it was extra windy out there and overall it's impressive amount of flight time for just one single battery one last thing I noticed which is actually pretty huge this drone is quiet and I mean it super quiet when flying this is fantastic to be subtle and discreet wherever you're at not bothering any neighbors or pedestrians it also just sounds less scary and intimidating there's a lot to cover on this drone actually a whole lot more than I actually thought for example their new free flight 6 app has a ton of customization settings and smart shooting modes all for me to experiment with so make sure you're subscribed and ring the bell to be notified when I post my super in-depth testing review of this drone the camera the app and more now let's quick cover some of those main specs and features of this nfe drone 4k HDR video this is one of if not the first drone that I know of that shoots video in HDR and that's really cool to see HDR feels like the new 4k trend max video bitrate is a hundred megabits per second which is great and it can record 4k cinema video as well that's 4096 by 2160 here's some test footage of HD are turned on and off and you can clearly see the differences I like how there's a lot more details maintained for example in those bright highlights of the sky and you have to remember all this footage is straight out of camera no editing applied however it seems way oversaturated in some other shots as well in lower light conditions like the sunset for example the HDR seemed to jack up the noise and grain quite a bit with that processing at least the sunset and the skies and reflections in the water looked really splendid i'll keep experimenting with this when I turn HDR off we can see a bit of that noise is removed and the image looks a bit more standard but still nice and usable the camera also features 21 megapixel photos and in my test shots they look good nice color reproduction and sharpness it's a great a satirical wide-angle lens with an F 24 and 69 degrees horizontal field of view and this is to help limit lens flares and less image distortion if i zoom way in and we do some pixel peeping we can notice the details look a bit muddy and grainy but I think this is pretty standard and normally I'm never zooming or cropping in this close a big feature to talk on bit of a controversy the gimbal now they're smart and marking it as a three axis image stabilization which technically it is but the gimbal is only to access tilt and roll however sadly the yaw or pan axis is not gimbal stabilized instead it relies solely on e is or electronic image stabilization now I normally dog on AIS and of course it's not as optimal as gyro stabilized but in some shots and testing especially when you flip your speed controls into film mode I could capture some really nice and smooth panning and dolly tracking shots I couldn't tell the difference in other times though yes especially if you whip left and right fast there's some stuttering in the footage and it can look a bit jittery I just think it's a camera limitation that we'd have to learn though workarounds for like I said filming and film mode not sport mode though helped a ton on a positive note for that gimbal another feature i've never seen on a consumer drone before the gimbal allows you to tilt down 90 degrees and up 90 degrees as well this opens up a whole world of creative shooting perspectives and fresh is not possible before even when flying max speed Full Tilt ahead there's no props in the shot this is really great to see I tried a little test I flew under some trees and look straight up and it was almost trippy I've been flying drones for years and never been able to look straight up while flying it's very cool and I'm excited to see the creative uses people will find for this feature the camera also features what they say is a 2

8 X lossless zoom now I tried this with one photo zoomed in and out it seemed to just crap in on the sensor the photo res is smaller on the zoomed in shot so I'll probably just be sticking with full-frame photos myself for video however they say we can have lossless zoom capabilities for 4k uhd up to 14 x and up to 28 ax at 1080p it also has that feature of vertigo effect you know when you're pulling back but zooming and it's a very cool and unique feature they say each drone lake contains a dual band antenna 24 and 5 gigahertz with optimizing HD video transmission we can fly up to 4 kilometers or 2 and a half miles away so far in my testing the video feed has been really good especially for Wi-Fi there was just one sit hiccup two smidge when I was way across the lake approximately 1,000 feet away I'll keep testing this so stay tuned also sport mode is crazy fast seriously this drone rips through the air which is a lot of fun to fly they say can hit up to 33 miles per hour or 55 kilometers an hour my official radar gun speed test coming soon now I also just got back from flying that Anna fee and a big storm rolling in the wind gusts were ripping hard and this drone held its position like a champ angled like this they say it can handle wind resistance 50 kilometres an hour or 31 miles per hour now there are some negatives and wishlist items I found no drone is perfect unfortunately here's what I found so far I wish it had that third axis gyro gimbal for image stabilization this would be cool to see maybe in their next model remember when I was talking about how much I loved that bats are charged via USB type-c well I still really like that however as a downfall of that system recharge times seem to take a lot longer like two to three hours for a full recharge in comparison a Mavic battery for example recharges in about one hour again stay tuned for that full comparison video coming very soon I found this little design flaw in the transmitter phone holder when I clip my lg v30 into the clip my phone kept slipping or popping out of the holder a few times actually kind of dangerous in my opinion the top rubber grip needs a little lip to keep the phone held in tight kind of like seen here and of course the issue is exasperated with the phone case I wish the drone had obstacle avoidance these provide a whole level of flying confidence and protection especially for beginners getting into drone flying and lastly in the app there are free smart features like return to home cameraman and other fun shooting modes actually worked great in my first test I'll be showing all those in my next video but there are some in-app purchases required to unlock like advanced Follow Me mode and flight plan which I wish were free and included I heard some of these aren't allowed in certain countries I didn't know that and the other reason is so that they can keep the price down on the drone package itself I understand where they're coming from I myself might not even use those features so it's not a big deal but it's just one of those things you kind of wish it was free so price on that nfe drone is $699 and it comes out on July 2nd all links down below this could be a great compact lightweight drone that still has awesome camera for photo or video enthusiasts make sure you stay tuned for my side-by-side comparison and in-depth testing vids coming soon thank you all for watching and making it this far let me know if you have any questions or thoughts down in the comments and until next time let's live off Vento