My First Time Flying a Drone and Tips for Drone Beginners

– Hey, everybody, this is Roberto Blake of robertoblakecom, geeking out with you today over drones

(electronic music) That's right, we're gonna be geeking out over my first drone I've been wanting to get into drones for a while now You guys know that I love photography, I love video, and, you know, one of the coolest things that we have available, that's affordable for us today, is drone technology So, I've been looking at things like the DGI Phantom three and four, trying to make up my mind what I want I definitely want something that shoots 4K video, you know that's the direction that I'm heading in the near future, so I don't want to cheap out on those things

With that in mind, a drone is a heavy investment, and, knowing me, I'm a little accident prone, and I'm likely to crash things if I don't get really good at flying these drones So, our friends over at getadronecom sent me over something affordable to practice with, and maybe this is a good idea for you guys (electronic music)) They're also sponsoring today's video, because they did send this to me, and we're just going to talk about what my experience with using my first drone is, and some tips for you guys for when you're using your first drone (electronic music) getadrone

com is an awesome website where you can learn more about drones, you can actually ready up on them, study up so that you can make a proper investment, and you can buy drones right there on the website They are very cool and they keep things fun and informative So, make sure you're checking out getadronecom The reason you guys should look into a cheap drone like the Omnimous, which is, like, about maybe 40 bucks, is because, if you're gonna go ahead and buy a $500, $600 drone, and you've never flown one before, it is hard

It is really complicated If you've never flown a radio-controlled aircraft of any kind, or you're the type of person, like me, that crashed up all your RC cars as a kid, flying one of these things is a little complicated It requires some really great coordination, reflexes, reaction time, and it can be really, like, anxiety-driven to pilot one of these things Even knowing that this is only a $40 drone, I was so scared about crashing it I got it stuck in a tree a couple of times

I worried about whether or not I had it, you know, too far out of range, and so, it was a real experience getting used to the idea of flying a drone But, within a couple of tries, putting in maybe an hour over the course of two or three days, and I was finally able to get a sense of control over the drone And you guys are seeing some footage up here But it was really cool, and again, knowing that, well, if this crashes, it's only a $40 or $50 thing, made it a lot easier to get comfortable with this drone When you're doing this, and it' something more expensive like the DGI Phantom, you're gonna be so grateful if you use a cheaper drone

You can get something for $40 dollars like this, there are drones that are $20 that are micro drones But you really need to get used to flying it and handling the controls You have a different control that handles the elevation, and then you have another control that handles the overall direction that it's able to go by letting you, you know, drop the speed of one set of propellers in favor of the other So, drone mechanics and getting it to go back and forth, up and down, it gets really complicated You also have to maintain enough of the throttle to keep the drone hovering off the ground

Getting the drone to hover, more or less, in place, and to keep it steady, that was the real challenge, and that's where you're going to learn the most when it comes to handling a drone So, that's something that I had to keep in mind, and then when I wanted to steer it, in terms of going back and forth directionally, I had to get a sense of the controls, I had to get a sense of the direction that the blades were it was very complicated, and it requires a lot of intuition and practice, practice, practice For being light and very plastically, the Omnimous was, actually, pretty durable I'm surprised it actually held up and that I didn't manage to destroy it completely outright

Because, like I said, I'm a little clumsy, I'm a lite accident prone, I did not beat the Top Gun video game as a kid on the NES So, handling this was a real experience for me, but I feel better about it now, and if I were to get something like the DGI Phantom Three, or the Phantom Four, or anything new that comes out, I would feel a lot more comfortable than if I had bought it and that was my first drone So, I would recommend that, if you guys are looking for your first drone, whether it's the Omnimous or something else, maybe it's a microdone that's only 12 or 15 bucks, they are plenty of them on getadronecom that you can take a look at, I would say that if you get something like this, and you practice with it for maybe 30 days, 60 days, then once you get something more expensive, you're less likely to completely destroy it and waste your money And so, I'm going to be playing with this a little bit more

I'm also, probably, going to get something slightly more expensive, and something slightly cheaper I wanna test out a bunch of different drones in different scenarios I want to understand whether or not having a larger, more robust drone really makes a difference in handling I wanna understand these things so I can actually teach you guys a lot more about it So, thanks, getadrone

com for helping me out with this, and, you know, I'm gonna look at ways that I can do more of this experimental stuff That's the one cool thing about having sponsors help out with the channel, is I get to explore and experiment with things and share them with you guys and I can teach you guys as I learn more about them I am, by no stretch of the imagination, a drone expert I am a novice, this stuff is fun for me, and, you know, I am likely going to end up crashing and destroying some kind of drone before we get to the DGI Phantom I almost guarantee you that's what's gonna happen

But, there's a better chance of you guys learning from my mistakes Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed learning about my first experience flying a drone and seeing some of that footage I'm actually considering putting together a little short reel with some music of my first drone experience, in the same way that I did for showing you guys the inside of my computer case, 'cept this footage is gonna be a lot better It was shot with the Samsung Galaxy S7 So, if that's something you're interested in, definitely let me know in the comment section, and I'll see what I can do about putting that video together with some sweet, sweet music from audio blocks, and I think that'd be cool

Anyway, thanks, again, to getadronecom for sending this over, I super appreciate it They are a really cool website, so if you're interested in getting a drone, like the Omnimous, to try out your first drone experience, so you don't crash something that costs $700, and have to cry, which, you know, I would, then you should definitely be checking out getadronecom Anyway, like this video if you like it, don't forget to subscribe

Check out the other awesome content on the channel Remember, tech videos are usually on Tuesdays, but I also have a lot of gear this month to get through, so, maybe I'll double up on that As always, you guys, thanks so very much for watching and for geeking out with me over my first drone (electronic music)