More Drone Carnage!

What's up guys, Lew here back with another video and today we're looking at another drone Another small little drone

You may remember the video I posted recently of this tiny little fit in your palm size drone This one's a little bit bigger than that

It also has an application that comes along with that you install on your phone iOS, Android or Windows Phone It has a camera built in to it so it's just a little bit more advanced So this is the rolling spider from Parrot Minidrones It can be used inside and outside, it has a range of 20 meters or 66 feet It can do flips and as I mentioned before it has smartphone control and it all uses low power consumption Bluetooth

Which is good but you're still not gonna get a ton of battery life on something like this It's actually only about eight minutes but the truth is that's still enough time to have a fair bit of fun with it and you can get extra batteries and just keep them on deck This is very stable as you'd expect It has a number different sensors that keep it floating perfectly So here it is, not huge by any means

Still sort of fits into my hand, as you can see So we've got an ultrasonic sensor as well as a 3-axis gyroscope and accelerometer There's also a camera here, a little tiny camera capable of taking fairly low resolution pictures A USB cable, Micro USB to be exact A little bit of paperwork, don't need that

The rechargeable battery And it takes about 90 minutes to recharge these Now these are interesting, how do these This thing actually has wheels Well, it can actually do a little driving too I mean you could just have these things on sort of to protect it When I first saw these, that's what I imagined Flying this thing indoors there are a number of different obstacles, things to run into

People to run into Hopefully not Where do they install I missed a piece Oh, I need this

Professional unboxer, I think not I talked all this big game Anyway, this clips on and these crazy looking wheels go on the side here So it's going to be pretty hard to mess up your propellers or kill anybody with these installed So let's go ahead and insert the battery here

We have lights on the eyes now You can see he's got like these orange headlights and a pretty mean looking face which I like Let's live dangerously Let's try it without the wheels at first The app is called FreeFlight 3 as mentioned it works on iOS, Android and even Windows Phone

How about that, some Windows Phone love Oh yeah! Okay we're gonna lie him flat He needs to be lied flat apparently Then launch the app, FreeFlight 3 Disconnecting? Look at this, we get all the way to 87 percent and then we froze

What? Oh my god had to start again *pfft* Thanks a bunch! I'm sorry to say this but I have a funny feeling that if we were on iOS right now this thing would already be flying Sending file Okay so people, hate to break it to you, but once again it looks like, at least at this point that iOS has gotten more love on the app side We are connected and we're actually sending over the firmware update

iOS love from manufactures Not a new thing they love their iOS Like that, right there Connection You guys need to know that kinda stuff

This is real life right here on Unbox Therapy Yes! Green eyes Wow! It connects on iOS so fast! Hoochie mama, here we go! Why did it? What? Why did it? Well, we have our first durability test Look at this we can set a max altitude So there's various piloting modes here

Speed settings So the way the controls operate the left hand side is, is controlling your altitude and the sort of spin axis of the drone

And then on the right, you put your thumb and then you've engaged the accelerometer in the phone As you tip down, it'll move forward Pull back and it will go backwards Even though I've set maximum altitude at 25 meters, it still sort of

obviously 25 meters it still jumps up in the beginning so I can't even really launch it from the table So now I've moved down to the floor and I'm attempting to sort of fly it into frame here

I flew it! I flew it for a bit! Oh yeah! Oh he's on the microphone dude Right underneath the mic OH! Still though! I had it in the zone! Man, drones are so much fun

I'm gonna land it I'm gonna land it right here Little spin

Does that count? Chopped up the microphone a little bit! That's drone carnage right there I feel like me sitting there, was messing with it's sensors a little bit Come on down Low battery alert! OH! ON THE LOW BATTERY ALERT! YES!