Hello viewers This occasion I will try to Give a little explanation Regarding assemble drone Some viewers never a comment In the videos I Ask, how to assemble their own drone Expensive or not? Better make your own or buy ready-made I'll show them first components That are likely to be prepared then It will be followed by how to wire This is an example of mine that is so You should prepare first is FRAME This frame serves as holder for motor I am one instance frame I had never raft If this is the name of the frame QAV 180 If this Name frame Martian Martian series 3 size 220 The packaging when purchasing such Later this must be assembled This is his body this hands His hand was 4 One

Two Three Four So if you buy 1 set it is complete No screws You also need to prepare This is yesterday The new shipment dapet CC3D Flight Controller (FC) Flight controllers there was an assortment There CC3D There NAZE32 There KISS FC the brand The least expensive is CC3D or NAZE32 I bought a used The price is cheap once Then, too

receiver same transmitternya So still have to buy a remote controller Remote also vary If I had this Walkera Devention series 7E So that was a special receiver Must buy their partner Devo 7E There are also those who like to wear Flysky series i6 There are also those who love And have a lot of money usually buy Taranis The color is gray They all have the same principle Pemancara and receiver Flight controller I Only once sekiankecil placed here then receivers Lilliputian also shape placed behind or wherever Also must prepare Power Distribution Board (PDB)