Mistério de AcceleRacers – O Alfabeto dos Drones

and then everyone who talks is Peter Lix back with another pro video and today's theme are the Racing Drones Wake up doctor tezla And yes we will talk about the Racing Drones, and how I said in the last video things that you did not notice in AcceleRacers if you have not seen this video yet, I'll leave a card or a final vote of the video is to be able to see this video I said that the blows of a knife itself but did not show it is everything so here is the alphabet of goods androids he can use the role of several things as it is written in game and try of the cars will have been taken from londrina the objects anyway it's like the lyrics of dow jones you joão roberto them and that's it and today it seems like she's going to tell you to watch this video for max name of short and who told nixon and I say until the next