Mich, Multirotors, and Me – An Intro to the World of Drones!

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com/ImaginationTech So, what is Imagination Tech? Bale we talk about All about the "drone" It is also possible in the future to discuss fixed-wing airplanes And other remote control toys and other apparatus First, what is the "drone"? Drone is generally called on things controlled by remote control And what we usually call here is the quadcopter we see around Like DJI Phantom and Syma The name "drone" can be used with anything that can control the remote control Or you can control from afar And the name "quadcopter" is actually The better it would be to call them (and I also prefer to use them) is "multirotor" Because it's not a quadcopter today There are tricopters, hexacopters, and octacopters As the quadcopter stands for four elites Or four motorcycles So depending on what kind of multirotor you have If you are interested in the hobby you have to He is happy, happy to fly And you do not need a pilot license to do this So, then! She is really happy So, how to get started? First of all, my name is Jeff I started by flying a Syma X5 drone of my friend He had just one day and we tried to get away It's my first experience, so if you want to get drone Or if you're not sure if you want to You can first find a drone friend Just try it first My advice, do not go straight to huge and expensive drones like Phantom or Mavic I know those trends now Get started with simple made in China toy drones They have little stabilization or self-stabilization It's a bit like a manual first so you can feel the feeling of flying a drone Then I borrowed my friend's drone He also gave me my own drone That's it, this little 'to It's a nano quadcopter Cheerson's work This is Cheerson CX-10A or It's no longer working right now, after a few months of falling all over the house She is no longer working Now I have other drones I have DJI Phantom 3 Advance That's great as an aerial photography platform I also have a tricopter from RC Explorer in Sweden YUN is beautiful

He is a medium-sized racing drone, and he is very talented And that's what I'm going to show you today This is Phantom 3 Advance I will not talk about what he or she can do or what his specs are I'm sure I'll find you on the Internet It's a reliable drone for aerial photography I use her to take videos of the scenes As well as these dances, they have to rent their own Christmas party presentations to the company Schools, or the acquisition of architectural works I have two batteries, each battery lasts about 10 to 15 minutes In flight, then I chinacharge him in the car with cigarette lighter cigarette charger just what it calls it! He's okay for aerial photography but he's not he did not say at the speed of the tricopter or the speed of other quad racing So if your search is for aerial photography Good start here for your quad But if you are looking for speed, it's best to build your own quad or tricopter Except for DJI Phantom 3 Advance I have This is Mini Tricopter from RC Explorer This is my first built multirotor Like his name, he has three motors Right now it's back to my workshop because I hit the tree swiftly I broke his carbon fiber arm If the speed is about, it can turn the Phantom So you should think about when you get your first drone Will you use it? if you need the swift or you would like to build aerial photography the security will not be as fast or as fast as the quad periods So I collided to a tree The carbon fiber was broken and it looks like the carbon fiber arms I ordered from Sweden will be just today so I'm going to the Post Office There was a tree left from the tree that hit me These are the specs of this Mini Tricopter This is what "Mich" He has a built-in F3FC and power distribution board (PDB) In front you can connect your board cam for flying FPV (first person view) It also has a brilliant canopy Add points He looks like a military aircraft The recommended motor for this is Three Emax RS2205 2300kv red bottom motors So far so good The tricopter 'to be girly The motion is very good It's like swimming in the air, and the motor can afford it For his ESC (electronic speed controller, ESC controls the speed of the motor) My favorite is LittleBee 30Amp ESC And the battery use is 3S or 4S (Meaning of S is the number of battery cells 3S is three cells, 4S is four cells) 4S is better for it

4S LiPo (Lithium Polymer)