MANNED DRONE : In A Drone – Manned Multirotor multicopter

in a drones – INA DRONES handmade, mainframe consist of improvised material: 2 alumunium folding ladders and somealumunium blocks a lot of duct tape, wire belt, plastic ropers, fibers(optional) , etc can jump hope it can fly 12BLS with 12 handmade fibre propellers 1 Flight controller for 1 Bls motor ESC 160A 14cells with custom firmware 14cells 60000mAh of lipo bateries pilot weight 69kilos come on fly away pleaseee *all fly drone videos are real / without editing yeahh able to hover 🙂 next we try to change frame configuration, and set the parameter hope it will be more responsive let's try again once more new spirit! seems like it's possible to enchance the current setting or maybe adding some supporting device / hardware to accelerate the tunning process , for the better flight hopefully, there will be some improvement in comming trials any suggestion and information : please like and subscribe