LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Drone Explorer review! 31071

hello everyone this is the Lego creator three and one drone Explorer set I'm showing you here the three official builds you can make one at a time only from the parts included in a single set so I'm going to show you each of these yeah I'm going to start with the main one the feature to build that actually uses all of the parts included in the set now you may notice that this thing is minifig compatible so I'm going to go ahead and get one of my own figures no figures are included with this set but you can open up that canopy and definitely put a figure in there has a control stick even which really helps to highlight just how wrong the word drone is and how misused the word drone is these days I mean this whole thing is based on real concepts for personal transport pods that's been designed that are actually possible that may actually be created on a commercial basis it's kind of an extension of the whole long term dream of mankind to have flying cars at some point in the future everyone will have a flying car and it'll leave alleviates all problems of traffic and such and you know people when dreaming about that getting features in Popular Mechanics popular science magazine since I don't know what 30s 40s something like that this is just kind of the latest version of that dream this is what adventures are actually considering and trying to make real so Lego has done a very nice thing here combining kind of that that spirit of innovation that desire for freedom of mobility humans and desire to fix problems with technological advances all that is just kind of wrapped up into this one little set and probably a lot of people won't be able to appreciate that won't understand that I think that's okay I just like that they've actually made a set of this of course having a person the seats controlling it means it is not a drone just like most of the things that we call drones or not drones because there's somebody actually controlling it it's just remotely controlled in this case is not even remotely controlled but that's okay that's another another top he called together the build went together nicely has some nice building techniques especially for these rotor pods that build in several different directions they look good I appreciate the placement of the three bladed rotor actually above the thing that the propeller above the thing so that it can kind of overlap just slightly because if you tried to make the opening large enough to fit that and they would look too wide the edges would look too thick this is just a really nice I think a really nice compromise and all those things I'm go ahead and take this figure out since it's not included with said I thinks it looks just fine without a figure and it's great that the creator line does have an increasing number of minifig compatible things even they're not perfectly scaled what I don't like about this is what they've done for the the landing skid thing assembly it's just each of these can rotate forward and back which is kind of cool for posing the whole thing on the ground if you want to I don't know what this camera is for but it's there but you know if you want to have it angled forward a little bit you know give it some rake while it's on the ground almost makes it look like it's it's in motion or like it's gonna be able to to take off like this but each of these EXO force drone haha yeah they actually recall drawings because those were actually drones in that but a completely different thing these his arm pieces is able to rotate as well so when you put it down on the ground you just try to get it flat then these types of things start to happen and that's really awkward so that doesn't work so well but you know just try to get it roughly right and then don't push down too hard when you place it on the ground I prefer you know multi legged systems that allow you to just push down and get it nice and flat the way you want it each of the struts is the same length and just did a little bit of offsetting here that works really well just a nice build a nice looking thing this will look great in Lego cities I think you look nice just on display just by itself you know just on on a shelf on the edge of a cubicle I think this appeals to kids and adults alike and it's good it has a certain amount of realism a certain amount of near-future kind of wonder I don't know what that clip on the back is for put a minifig accessory there if you want but I really like this especially for the price for the number of pieces it's very nice here's an airboat which uses kind of the same sort of arrangement for a single prop housing shroud around the back similar proportions similar building techniques back there but just one which works just fine I think has the big light up on top you can angle up and down you can spin the prop and it still has a compartment a driver's compartment that is compatible with many things you can put a figure in there just have to be careful with the hair I have to have them you know leaning forward a bit and I think you know longer hair pieces won't work but within reasonable limits you can make it work with a figure which is another really good thing I think that the you know obviously with so few pieces in a set you're really limited in what you can do in total that can look nice I think that given those limitations this is a worthy alternate build it looks like something the building techniques are good uses a fair number of the pieces and it just kind of makes sense to me you know that's good detailing in there and this looks like it's horizontally opposed to cylinder aircraft engine here almost you know a little bit detailing here and stuff so I respect this you know it's small and simple but I think it's not bad and then last up is this aeroplane which is even smaller and simpler still obviously is not going to hold on to a minifig but you could probably adapt it to work with one sitting Mack comically smaller simpler nothing too fancy in the building techniques department here but still nice I think you know this looks more like a five-dollar kind of set but I think it's okay as a as an alternate build a very different alternate build from a ten dollar set you know I think that this looks decent it makes sense to me the color scheme is nice and unified the shapes are nice looks kind of recognizable like some actual planes that have been made long in the past and some are still available and are still flying so I think pretty good stuff here overall I also want oh yeah it's kind of angled back thanks to that inverted round tile that's under there see it as a seaplane potentially if if you want the tail is able to rotate up and down not the greatest thing just leave it in one spot but I didn't want to call out one interesting piece that's included in this set I'll just pick one of the spares it's that it's one stud wide compared to the previous two stud wide design that we had so this may be useful for simplifying some things bringing in some structural stability in a very small space where previously you couldn't get that much shines it's nice I think it's much more useful for that exterior shape than a pair of the 1 by 2 inverted slope pieces would be because those don't have this nice little dip in there they can be used for other things and yeah they still need to be connected so this could be useful draw an explorer I feel like this is right in many ways obviously the main build I personally like of course it's the best-looking one but then the alternate builds again given this very small part count I think look very nice I appreciate the ability to use minifigs with two of these builds and I like the themes and you know it definitely has some very teachable moments for kids who might think this is just made up no spaceship or something from a different world but it actually has very deep ties to reality of the past present and future that's it for this video thanks for watching and I'll talk to you in soon