Kid Review – Syma X5C-1 Drone Demo: 8 Year Old Kid’s Perspective

– Hi, this is Owen from Owen's Lego Lab, and today I've got the X5C-1 It's not a Lego set, but I thought it might be cool to show it to you guys

The features are: 6-axis, stabilization system, 360 eversion, eight and HD cam equipment So basically, this is like a quadcopter with a built-in camera for filming So with the camera that I'm using right now, and this camera I can film two things at the same time Sometimes this is referred to as a drone It comes with four protecting frames

It comes with extra blades This is the charging equipment, and a Phillips screwdriver You need to get two batteries, and the remote Here's the quadcopter It has landing skids, and it comes with a camera, which is installed right there

So now I'm just gonna install these protecting frames (thuds) Looks like this needs double A batteries in the transmitter Weird aren't all the batteries in– (beep) It works! Okay, I think we're all set now (whirs) Yep, we're all set Alright, let's do this! (whirring) Oh

Sweet Okay, down (thuds) Alright, let's take this outside So here we go! (whirring) Woohoo! Aaah, too high! Too high! Too high! (whirring) (chill electronic music) (buzzing) (gears grinding) (drone sputters) So, I lost the quadcopter in here Well, this is a journey I'll never forget

(dog barking) Yeah, I don't see any signs it's here So we got the quadcopter down (dog barking) Shut up, you (beep)! (whirring) (drone sputters) Oops Oh, not a backflip This thing is pretty sturdy, 'cause I lost it in the woods and it took one in the tree

And it just took one on the concrete, and that's really good for something that's made of plastic Houston, we have a problem We're out of batteries So that was my quadcopter video Look below for the information on this quadcopter, how much it is and all that stuff, and where you can get it

Like this video and subscribe to the channel I'll see you guys next time Bye! Quadcopter, out We're burning moonlight We're burning daylight

Cool, huh? What are these things? (beep) Huh? (chill electronic music) (whirring) (grinding gears) (muffled talking) (whirring)