JJRC SOL H49WH WIFI FPV Selfie Drone Unboxing In-Depth Review & Flight (Courtesy JJRC)

Hello drone Flyers and fans of the flying tech RC today, we're going to be doing a full unboxing review of the jjrc H20 with Wi-Fi real-time transmission through your phone all right I'm gonna start off with the box itself very nice construction thick and It makes a great carrying case for the drone itself alright Let's open this guy up and see what we got inside All right standard instruction manual we'll get into later the drone itself Very nice slim design There's the controller And here we have the USB charger some extra props and even a prop tool for removing them Okay, here's everything that you get inside the box the controller the drone instruction manual Extra props and proper move all tool and the USB charger Alright, let's start off with the drone itself very nice slim design Lightweight, but has a little bit of weight to it So it seems like wind wouldn't affect it too much the props fold away for protection You can just throw right in your pocket, and they unfold as such Very cool to charge the drone you take the USB provided Plug it into its charging port and charge time is about 45 minutes

Flight time is about three to five minutes depending upon How you fly when you plug the USB device in to charge the LED will light up on the USB to let you know It's charging when the light is out It's done charging alright The drone has a very nice construction It seems like it's thick plastic It's it's durable if it takes a crash the motors will simply just bend inwards since they're spring-loaded I like that they won't take too hard of a hit one thing I don't like too much Is that the battery is permanently installed inside the quad? But charge time is about 45 minutes, so you won't have that much downtime the controller is a nice slim design You could throw it in your pocket along with the drone

Okay, not to bind the quad with the controller simply turn on the quad lights will flash Then hit the button on the controller As you can see both lights are flashing to bind you simply go up then down And now it's connected all right now, let's take a look at the manual I skimmed through it before it's it's very detailed It's descriptive it tells you about all its settings and features and one thing that I really like is that on page seven It labels every single button that's on the controller I've had a lot of drones where you had to figure out all the buttons yourself So this is a very nice feature as well as with the app interface it tells you What every button does on the app which with a lot of drones? I've had to figure I'm at myself It is a very small and light drone you want to be careful when flying at low heights Against what's called a vortex effect or ground effect where the its own air affects its flight path All right now Let's look into the controller a little bit now since everything is already labeled here I'm not gonna go step by step It's all in the manual, but it will show you a couple of important things Before flight you always want to do a calibration if you crash Or you just turn the drone on always do a calibration put the drone on a flat

Level surface Hit the calibration button The LEDs on the trone will blink when they're solid again drone is calibrated You can fly all right now to take off You want a short press button number 11 this will spin up the props and the drone will fly to a height of about 3 to 4 feet and hover waiting for your control for emergency stop if you're about to crash Long press button number 11 hold it down the props will immediately stop, okay? Here's some of the important functions of the controller right here button number 1 is your high and low speed The button directly below that button number two is for calibration okay to do flips and rolls and tricks You're gonna hit button number three and then move the joystick In the direction that you want to do your flip roller trick alright now if you want to Fpv with the drone or record the video while you're flying you're gonna want to download the jjrc app And when using the app to fly? Refer to the manual it describes every feature you need to fly I won't think about this drone I've never seen before is flight plan mode where you could actually draw on your screen to direct the quad Here's the app to control the drone you're gonna want to go to your Wi-Fi settings and pick Jjrc And it'll be a set of numbers each number is different for each drone There's no Wi-Fi password I don't know the feature about the app I've never seen before is what's called gravity control in this setting you can actually Tilt your phone in the direction of the quad that you want to go one thing I don't like about it is if you want an fpv with the drone There's nowhere to hold your phone on the controller Alright, I'm gonna Go ahead and bind the quad Turn the controller on Turn the quad on doesn't matter, which one you turn on first

You know up down with the joysticks Both LEDs have stopped flashing and it's bound Okay, you want to put it on a flat Level surface And do a calibration LEDs are blinking now They're solid quad is calibrated alright Let's take it for a flight I'll show you the controls Very agile control works excellent Jamming high rate And high rate is very zippy quite impressed All right after an extensive outdoors flight I am very impressed with this quad especially for the price Flew excellent no time that I feel like it was out of control, or was gonna get away from me This is definitely an excellent little quad

I like it a lot I even crashed it a few times and it took a hit no problem There's no damage to it Just two things to note Can't swap out the battery and it's permanently installed and don't fly more than 20 to 30 feet away from the phone