iPhone 6S’i Drone’dan Aşağıya Attık!!! (iPhone 6S Drop Test)

What do you think about? I think it will break, they said it wont Original Buffs are made in Korea if it writes China don’t buy it also Verus is made in Korea

That’s 20 meter There is no chance What do you feel about Timur? Good, weather is windy although it will be good flight I’m so exited What do you say? It’s actually sad people buy this with money- Eventually we are try something A phone case company thinks they are good at this Before our test we’re putting Buff with Ekin

That’s new they add QR code so you can check if it’s original or not In another video we will show how to put Buff on phone, people are still afraid how to put Buff on their phone There is a balloon here but this is a silicon after a night it will be gone so no worries What are you doing are you adding more protection? No, with this you can see if it’s original This is Iphone 6s, press the screen so they can see In TAA now we see the result Yes, we put Buff and Verus, Buff is for screen and Verus for the back side of the phone We will do drop test with the Drone, let’s see if the Buff and Verus will protect the phone

Show people that it’s 6s It’s touchable screen Let’s drop from 20 meter Look at Murat’s hair What do you feel Timur? I’m so exited Let’s do this Say the meters 53 meter Its 6 meter And it goes like this It fell from 9

5 meter It’s really though machine There is nothing wrong on the phone and it’s still recording Go up 20 meter I will drop It fell as a one piece We do the 20 meter drop test and we are so curios Are you ready? I will flip And? It’s not working But there is no damage on the phone but it’s not working, so Iphone is not good for the 20 meter drop test but Buff is completely okay I think Buff’s mission accomplished Let’s try drop test from 50 meter Eventually we try that the case protect the phone or not so we can try 50 meter drop test Cases protected the phone there was no damage on the device Let’s try 50 meter In 38 phone left the case The screen is broken Let’s drop without any protection TAA dropped Iphone 6s with Buff and Verus from 38 meter- What happened at 20 meters? There was no damage on the phone but device was not working Later we try 38 meter, what happened in 38 meter? In 10 meter there was a no problem the phone and the cases were okay In 20 meters there was a no damage on the phone physically but the screen was not working although device was working In 38 meter screen exploded Let’s drop without any protection, let’s see what will happen? Dropped from 40 meter I saw little pieces of the screen Let’s flip It’s a tradition let’s look at the inside The battery is probably okay The battery burns really badly It’s dangerous Battery is 1715 mAh This is fingerprint scanner We will look inside later Camera is here So Subscribe to TAA What can we do more? subscribe