iPhone 6 Otterbox Survives 3-Story Drop Test! (w/ a Drone)

iPhone 6 Survives 3-Story Drop Test! (w/ a Drone) Hey guys Keaton here with TechSmartt and today we're doing yet another drop test on the iPhone 6 but we're going to be using it with the Otterbox case again for the iPhone 6 We're going to be testing it three different heights and one extreme height

We're going to be doing a pocket-level drop, a head-level drop a 10-foot drop and then we're just going to throw this guy and hopefully we can get it to break, but I mean this case looks pretty sturdy Without further delay, lets go ahead and get dropping This is the iPhone 6 it has an extra row of icons and the power button is on the side which is a new addition Now we're going to do the pocket-drop which is about 3-feet depending on the person Dropping in 3,2,1

As soon as the case hit the ground it did show some signs of wear and tear I was actually able to wipe it off and yes there were a few other nicks on the inner-part of the case which embodies your phone Overall your phone is going to be flawless and the case was good as well