How to Update Parrot Bebop Firmware CORRECTLY for Safe, Trouble-Free Operation

Hey, my name is John, and I wanted to talk real quick about the correct way to update the firmware on your Bebop drone Every time parrot releases a new update to the Bebop firmware a lot of people on the online forums and whatnot complain about there being Problems and issues and various bugs and that the firmware is not good and it has issues Well, I'm here to tell you that that is not the case 999 percent of the time these parent Bebop owners are doing something incorrectly to cause their drone to malfunction So I'm going to show you in this video the correct proper and safe way to update the firmware on your parrot Bebop drone That way you'll avoid it and prevent any possible software related issues during setup Pre-flight and also during flight of the drone Okay, so the first thing I'm going to do is go into the app manager in My phone this is obviously it's found in my settings application manager And I'm going to go down and find my free flight app I'm going to go into where it says storage

I'm going to go this may vary from one Model phone to another I'm doing this on a Samsung Galaxy S5 So as you can see here It's got some cash to data I'm going to Clear the cache, and I'm also going to delete and you have the saved data in the app So now that's done I'm going to exit out of there and if you use any other piloting app I Often use this one here called Ar Pro 3 Let me go ahead and do that as well wait and That's all going to do with the phone for now Okay, the next thing you want to do is just simply check the app store to make sure you have the latest and most recent version of the free flight up You can see here that I have that if if there is a newer if there's a newer version available obviously you'll see a notification here to update when I have the related furnari T Okay, the next thing I'm going to do is simply all on the drone and give it a moment to boot up While it's booting up, I'm going to grab my phone and I'm going to go to the free flight app and You'll see that because I deleted all these save and catched that out of the app out of the phone you know the app is now asking me to allow certain permissions and a similar way to if if this was a Brand-new installation of the app in this phone, so I went ahead and did that and Obviously now the app is processing something in the background now It's requesting location permission, so I'm gonna hit ok now all of these permissions legal disclaimer except Now the app should be ready to use so I'm going to go to my connection menu Turn on Wi-Fi and Connect to the Drone pretty Simple straightforward basic stuff in terms of the Bebop Okay, so now we see We made a connection, and you'll see right here It says the apps that is update what I'm going to do next is go over to here This menu and check for updates and This is going to show me The current firmware send them in the drone prior to updating So I need to disconnect From the drone and get back on the internet with the phone To download the update to its phone which will then be loaded To the drone, but before I do that I'm going to reset the drone

I'm going to do a hard reset This is very important because it helps Clear out and delete any past settings or any past files of any kind from the drone itself, so to do that I'm going to hold this power button down for about 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 seconds 12 seconds It should only take 10 seconds to depress the power button but I like to do it for a couple extra seconds just to be sure that it does go into Reset mode or its reset sequence now this time It's simply a matter of waiting the Bebop 2 will continue to run for A Certain amount of time it could be up to a couple of minutes And then you'll see that it will restart itself the power light will go off or it may flash it may And when we start itself and come back on So now while that's doing that I'm going to go back to my phone I'm going to go into my phone's Wi-Fi settings real quick and Make sure I'm connected oopsie the be-bop Just restarted itself once it's in that process of doing that So anyway back to the phone here I'm going to go into my Wi-Fi settings in the phone here Bebop is resetting a second time Okay, so I'm on my home Wi-Fi now

I'm going to go back to the free flight app check for updates Now you'll see that It says download four point two point zero, so This data that's saved in the free flight app right now on the left here It's indicating This is my current firmware version in the drone 406 Now I'm able to download for point 20 from the internet So I'm just going to go ahead and press on that, and you can see there's the download progress Okay, so I've just downloaded the latest firmware version from the internet to my phone now I'm going to wait for the Bebop once again to complete its reset procedure Which it just appears that it has just completed its rebooted to itself twice and Hours back on steady cooling fan is running So with that in mind

I'm going to grab my phone again And exit on my exams are back out of this section the update section of the free flight app And now I'm going to go back here Now my anything that was previously saved in the drone is now, we waste Deleted including the basically the username or the drone name and I had given to its wi-Fi signal so now I'm going to go here to This is the Bebop with its default Number and I'm going to connect to that is now connected so now I'm going to back out of here get back to the app and Now you'll see that it says on the phone here with an app Update required your device needs to be updated so I just hit ok That takes me directly to the update section of the app I'm going to install for point two point O so again from the left here You'll see this is the current firmware version in the drone and you'll notice that the little drone icon is red, and that's kind of an alert or Warned even maybe a warning or an alert notification that the drone needs to be updated I'm going to go over here and click this Now it's updating or transferring the update files from my phone to the drone in this basically giving you a status or a progress indicator So we'll sit back a moment and let that take place now the drone has just restarted itself again It will restart itself at least one time See the process here that 92 percent, so it's almost done and even said here that it reset And now that just changes its update in progress and the drone has we started itself yet again the phone still says update in progress Now because the drone Restarted itself during this procedure it probably disconnected From the the Wi-Fi signal to the phone, so I'm going to check that I'm going to go back out of here Here it says connecting I'm going to check that and see see I'm put this by default or automatically connected back to my home Wi-Fi signal so now I need to scan for all of the available Wi-Fi signals in the area and look for the Be-bop signal and it says here that the VBOx signal is not Available which means that the drone is most likely still completing the update And you'll notice that it Just restarted itself yet again the Cooling fan stopped and the light on the power button is is flashing? I'm going to just sit there and let it do its thing and Ok now I see that whoops I think it has just completed because now I see a Bewell Connection icon here on the screen, so I'm going to go connect to that And I'm going to back out of here It says I'm connected and here

We have a Connection to the D-Block So we are almost finished here, but not quite Now that the update itself has been completed and we can confirm this By going back here and go to the check that Update you'll see here that Although this shows so shows red if you can see that Can't focus very well the current software version Confirmed here that it is for point two point zero and on the right hand side over here It does say up-to-date so we know that the Bebop now is uP-to-date with the latest firmware not done yet, however We're going to do one more hard reset So again hold down the power button for one two three four five six seven eight nine Ten Eleven Twelve And you'll see that the cooling fan I'm not sure if you can hear that the cooling fan Just stopped, so the the reset Sequence has just been started The purpose for doing this again is to clear out and delete any old or unwanted files That could tamper with or hamper the operation of the bebop after the update It's very important to do this I'm going to let it sit there and I'll be back when the update procedures have been completed So there you have it if you follow this firmware update procedure that I've outlined in this video you will eliminate any software related issues during Pre-flight setup and also flight of your bebop drone and if you follow the best practices while flying usually there should be no reason why you should have any problems and issues with your drone at all if You found this video to be helpful to you, please consider subscribing to this channel Thanks, and stay tuned for more parrot Bebop related content