how the remote on most drones/RC planes work

this is my bugs 3 drone controller on the back there is a battery compartment on the front the most basic control is the joystick on the left this is what controls the hight then on the right you have a joystick which controls the direction left right forwards backwards in the middle there is the on/off switch and there are trimmer switches to trim the drone on top there are buttons these maybe different on different drones the red button turns the propellers on or off the white button on the left does 2 things change the mode from high to low or switches on the light on top there is a Ariel witch is probably false and just for show the button on the far right is to-do with the camera on or off the button on the rhs left will do the flips press it then move the right joystick in the way you want it to flip the left joystick will also rotate the drone when moved to the side