so today we're gonna talk about the tragic way I trashed my drone mmm I know right I just got it you go onto the toilet Buster a video so I don't know what I'm like a Disney yeah I'm gonna fuck you on your best deal hey yo what's guilty my smoochy bujji's how we doing today welcome to another day welcome to the moment so look at my backpack I'm bout to get my drone shots up after just getting here I feel like going across the street to that sides gonna be a better look Oh I feel like crossing the street on that's how it's gonna be a better place to fly check this view out though do not test me I've never actually been to the LA River before but it looks like a dull place to record making some moves hopefully we get the sunset going your boys trying to be professional when he flies the drone let's get some flight time we are there but my wenis Trebek layaway all right guys so I'm officially an idiot I forgot my memory card at home I forgot my memory card at home and I can't record any of these shots and the Sun is just sitting right now okay I wouldn't suggest this to anybody because I'm not sure if I can actually do this right or not but I'm gonna try to catch it as it's coming down whoo-hoo now that was a rush timeout so I will tell you it is easy to forget the memory card if it's not already in the drone it's considered a micro memory card so it's literally this small you just forget about a small piece like this and it's like a key essential to taking footage because this is what captures all of the footage so that's why my overall trip to the LA River was a fail as I get ready to leave I will say word of advice make sure you double it triple check everything you need before you go out it's fun flying a drone in general so I'm still happy about that I feel like I'm getting better because I feel more comfortable eyeing it now so that's good didn't matter so after that day I was so determined to actually get some quality drone footage that I ultimately made a mistake let's go I wish to the park the next day it's sunny out but there's a touch of wind in the air like like this but I don't think anything of it so I get to the park and there are like two Asian kids playing basketball there I just tell them I said hey you want to see a drone they barely speak any English so it's all good in my head I'm thinking it'll be a cool shot to record them as they're playing basketball it's like to get aerial views of them playing basketball so I didn't realize the gusts of wind we're getting a lot stronger so I start the drone and as I bring it up the gusts of wind just take it right away take it straight to the left it was so fast I don't even know how to react this it went straight into the bushes I froze I literally froze I said I ran over there and I grabbed it and if you recall from the last clip if you catch it like this as you're doing your landing sequence it'll turn off automatic the thing I forgot I forgot to put it in this landing sequence it's like pulling me up I'm pulling it down nobody's helping me and then after fighting for like a few minutes I finally got my remote and I put emergency landing and then turned off and I'm over here like oh you could tell them the video I'm taking deep breaths nobody offered to help me so as I finally get the drone under control and I turn around I noticed those two Asian kids they're literally just recording me like this that's a bitch as I start to walk back towards him put the phone away I was like these really you're gonna do me dirty like that you guys are gonna put him out a world star herself they're gonna show their parents but honestly now that it's over I feel like it's a funny story and I had to share it with y'all and it's cool because I actually have footage on it to help explain what happens and to update you on my drone I haven't tried to fly it I haven't even looked it if anything is damaged I'm just praying that it still works I was so embarrassed after that whole incident I just put it all the way and then just left I will update you guys on that on the next vlog so yeah that's it for today y'all thank y'all for watching up if you like my story time if you like my bears corner hit some judo chop on the like button yeah yeah I guess and if you're not subscribed and you're not a part of the rebel famlly y'all know what to do hit that subscribe button down below boom so with that being said y'all know my slogan we only got one life to live so live life to the fullest and shoot your shot BAM Hey peace and chicken grease Squad hi you know what you need to do you know what you need to do you know what you need to do just what you need to do