Here’s how new drone rules could impact Iowa

Our skies may soon be full of drones The F- A-A today finally proposed rules on their use

KCCI's Vanessa Peng is LIVE in our Ames Bureau to show us how these rules could be a game changer Steve, the proposed rules still keep Amazon's drone delivery service grounded

Yet, for some people it could mean a flight they've been waiting months to take <13:41 LIFT OFF! NATS> Takeoffs stay indoors for now — the wide open skies outside are off limits <Akash Vidyadharan, ISUAV member 9:33 "IT'S BEEN FRUSTRATING FOR ME AND EVEN THE ENTIRE TEAM THAT WE ARE UNABLE TO FLY" 37> Current FAA rules — keep Iowa State University's drone club — ISUAV — for Iowa State unmanned aerial vehicle — on the ground <Aidan Moffat, ISUAV member 7:15 "WE WERE DOING ALL THIS WORK IN THE LAB, PUTTING IN ALL THIS TIME AND EFFORT INTO IT BUT WE COULDN'T VALIDATE IT

" 19> The winds are changing though — The FAA finally released proposed regulations for commercial use of UAS — unmanned aircraft systems <Matthew Nelson, ISUAV Advisor 2:08 "IT'S PRETTY EXCITING TO SEE THAT THEY ARE, YOU KNOW, THEY HAVE A PRETTY REASONABLE SET OF RULES HERE" 15> Some of the proposed regulations are: The drone must weigh less than 55 pounds The maximum altitude the unmanned vehicle can fly is at 500 feet The top speed is 100 mph

The machine can only be flown during daylight hours Operators would be required to pass an initial aeronautical knowledge test, obtain a special certificate and pass a periodic test every 2 years <Aidan Moffat, ISUAV member 6:30 "I THINK IT'S GREAT BECAUSE NOW AS LONG AS WE MEET THESE RULES WE CAN FLY" 34> This means — you'll soon see students like here at Iowa State — realtors, farmers, rescue crews and even TV journalists — taking drones to the skies in the future <Matthew Nelson, ISUAV Advisor 4:51 "WE'LL SEE THESE AIRCRAFT BEING USED TO HELP IN, YOU KNOW, VARIOUS INDUSTRIES AND THEY WILL BE DOING SO IN A SAFE MANNER

" 5:02> <NATS drone There is a 60-day window for public comments on the proposed Ames Bureau, Vanessa Peng, KCCI 8 News, Iowa's News Leader Only two lanes open on Fleur