GoPro Karma vs DJI Mavic REAL flight Camera Test – Side by Side

Today we have two drones We have the DJI Mavic and we have the GoPro Karma

I’m here with Jared Mecham We just barely unboxed these drones on Jared’s channel I’ll give a link for that down in the video description Jared, what are we doing right now? [Jared] We are going to go take a quick camera comparison, right after unboxing these to see how they stack up against each other [Zack] Cameras, side by side

Gotta tell me which camera you think is best in the comments below Let’s get started [Music playing] [Zack] Alright, that was way fun [Jared] I loved it It was sweet

[Zack] What did you think, your first time flying the drones? [Jared] Well I’ve only had the Phantom 4…well… DJI drones to compare from, and my initial thought was that the GoPro Karma was a lot more gradual It’s smooth in its turning and it’s a little bit slower and a little bit more wobbly when it’s hovering [Zack] Ok Yeah, I did notice that the Mavic was a little bit more stable than the GoPro [Jared] Yes, like when we were taking off here, it was solid as a rock

The Karma was a little bit teeter-tottery But while you’re turning, like getting, like, shots, the Karma was just smooth as butter [Zack] Yeah I also noticed that your lens…so on the…cuz you were flying to GoPro, I was flying the Mavic On the GoPro lens, it was actually like a much wider angle so you get a lot more things in your shot

[Jared] Absolutely, yeah And just in the display, you used your iPhone display to look at I used the GoPro Karma controller Your color gamut was way bigger; I mean you could see a lot more rich colors But ultimately it will come down to what you guys see on the screen

[Zack] So he was using the screen that came with the GoPro Karma If you want to see all of the other accessories that come with the Karma and the Mavic, go check out Jared’s channel: Jared Mecham on YouTube I’ll do a link down in the video description And you can see us unboxing both of the drones Now that we’ve done the side by side comparison let me know what camera you think looks best

Go off of the stabilization, the color and the definition of the footage I’ll leave a poll in the upper corner that you can answer there and answer down in the comments Thanks a ton for watching We’ll see you around [Jared] Bye!



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