Fishing for Bikes and Racing Drones

– [Female Host] Welcome to the Great Big Show – [Male Host] We're discovering the wondrous, and celebrating the weird-mazing – [Female Host] These are the stories that make this world feel a little bit smaller

– Let's-a go! – [Male Host] There's a chef who's up at the crack of dawn to feed her playful patrons – I have to stay organized or this can get very overwhelming – [Female Host] The 74 year-old kicking butt with a sari and a sword – [Male Host] And a body builder who's laughed in the face of just about every odd to make his fitness dreams a reality It's time to hit the gym

– [Tina] Pull your shoulder blades back together There you go – [Tina] Okay, three more – [Tina] Okay, good – [Masseuse] Deep breath

– [Tina] Wade and I have been friends here at the gym I'm his personal trainer – [Wade] Three – [Tina] Yes And he approached me with a very serious tone and he told me that he wants to do a bodybuilding show – [Tina] In the beginning, he didn't have the control to get on a machine and just work the body parts that we were intending to work

His hands and his feet need to be stabilized You in? – Yeah – Alright So, I got very creative and I built up apparatuses that would fit him in order for him to secure himself and actually pull with the muscles that I was wanting him to do Up, up, up, up, up, up

Instead of it telling you what to do, you're telling it what to do – I'm telling it what to do – So, let's tell it what to do again – Okay – Okay – Up

Wow – It has improved a lot The basic happiness that comes from feeling strong and feeling able instead of disabled is a big deal [Tina] Seeing Wade accomplish his pro status as a bodybuilder was the most unbelievable experience This was something no one ever thought could happen and it happened

We made this happen – [Female Host] Some passions, they're well, quizzical – This plant is Laurel It produces cyanide – [Female Host] Like this garden in England run by a man who keeps everything growing, despite the fact that everything in it can kill you

(fun music) – Atropa Belladonna will kill you Datura will put you to sleep forever Aconitum will kill you Laurel will produce cyanide and kill you

(orchestral music) Every plant here in The Poison Garden is poisonous and has the ability to kill you My name's Trevor Jones, and I'm the head gardener of Alnwick Garden This plant is Giant Hogweed It will get up to around about eight foot high It's phototoxic, so it will burn your skin and give you blisters for up to seven years

This garden is set in the wall garden of the Old Castle in Northumberland, UK We have around about 95 plants, and we're adding to the collection all the time This plant is Aconitum, or Monkshood Wonderful blue flowers, but the whole of the plant is poisonous The berries, crushed up and fed to you, will kill you

The leaves themselves will kill you also As will the root and the stem We have to obviously maintain the garden so we have to tend the plants and when we do that, we have to be very careful of the way we operate, so we have to cover some of our skin when we deal with particularly dangerous plants This plant is Laurel It produces cyanide

And we all know what that will do to you So, it was the brainchild of the Duchess, Duchess of Northumberland So, rather than having a herb garden, she decided to create more interest and have a poison garden They're very, very common plants, in fact, a lot of them are what we call cottage-garden plants, and they're grown in many people's gardens, but people don't know how harmful they actually are This is Atropa Belladonna

Four berries are enough to kill a child People are intrigued by poisonous plants and often very worried when they come out, because many of them will be growing these plants at home They don't realize the powerful impact that plants can have on us as humans – Is it something that you find fascinating? – Definitely – Why? – It's a good way to get rid of your life

(laughs) I don't know (laughs) – [Female Host] Ah, Amsterdam The canals, the weed, the bikes There are a lot of bikes here – Yeah, they're everywhere

Wait What? – There are 165 canals in Amsterdam, totaling over 60 miles in length And resting on the ground in these canals are bikes Lots of bikes These two guys, they're bike fishermen

They pull bikes out of canals in Amsterdam I'm just gonna ask the obvious Why? Why are there so many bikes in the water? The machine they use is basically an oversized claw machine It goes into the water and pulls out bikes Most bikes are found near the edges of the canals

And what happens after they're removed? – [Male Host] Coming up, we're wading into the Loch to find out why this man has been searching for Nessie for half his life (scary music) – [Male Host] The Loch Ness monster is one of our most enduring myths People have sought its secrets for over 1500 years, but only one man has devoted his entire life to learning the truth Alone In a van

By the Loch And no, he's not a wacko, it's just his thing (amusing music) – My name's Steve Feltham and for the last 25 years, I've been a full-time hunter of the Loch Ness monster I first came to Loch Ness when I was a 7 year-old boy and found this set of caravans with this gang of grown men hunting for monsters in Loch Ness and I thought, "That's amazing! That would be the life for me "I'd love to do that!" – [Male Host] And so he did

25 years ago, he quit his job, sold his house, bought this van, and pursued his passion Now, he holds a Guinness record for the longest, continuous search at Loch Ness – [Steve] In all my time here, I've only seen one possible sighting of something All you saw was a spray of water off of the back of something (spray of water noises) Like a torpedo going shooting through

To this day, that remains a mystery to me as to what that was That was in the first year of being here and I thought, "Right, "This job's gonna be really easy That's one sighting" 25 years later, I'm still sat here, waiting for that second sighting Some people think it's giant eels, some people think there's a rip in time

Others believe there's a spaceship on bottom of the Loch It's more likely to turn out to be a big catfish, than a spaceship at the bottom of the Loch The reason I sit here and I try to solve this mystery is because that's what makes my heart sing People say, "Is it lifestyle, or is it the mystery?" It's both My life contains freedom, adventure, unpredictability, and the chance of one of the world's greatest discoveries should I ever happen to find Nessie

It's a dream come true If that little seven year-old boy could see what became of him, he wouldn't believe his luck – [Female Host] In India, there's a 74 year-old woman who's our new hero (sword clashing on shield) But watch out, she's not your average grandma (battle music) Meena is the oldest known woman practicing Kalaripayattu, an ancient South Indian martial art

The art of Kalari is practiced with the use of one's bare hands, sticks, and heavy swords and shields One, two, three Very good One, two, three Back

(clanking of wooden sticks) (multiple people training and talking) [Female Host] After the break, we've got ancient salt pans in Peru and a father-son racing duo that's basically from the future Stay with us – [Male Host] So, no big deal, but we totally found a father-son Star-fighter team Welcome to the world of drone racing (drones whirring) – If people could understand that this is akin to the scariest thing you've ever done, then they'll start to understand why we're so addicted to it

When I put the goggles on, the first thing I'm doing is trying to calm down Totally puts you inside the drone You just forget where you are I'm Conrad Miller, also known as Furadi, and I'm a drone racer I started in September 2014 and that was like, the ground floor

Of all the activities I've partaken in, motorcycles and flying drones are on the same level, in terms of intensity (grunting) It's cool when you have a hobby and you can do it and you love it But when you can share it with your kids, I mean, that's just what it's all about, I think Okay, so props are good Flying and racing with Sorell has just been a pure joy

He's a good kid and he's a talented kid And I think it comes easy to any kid like that because they don't feel the pressure that adults do Good landing (laughter) – Coming in hot – This is harder than anything else I've done and it's because when your nerves go, your fine motor skills go

Kids don't care, they're just having fun and they just learn much faster The course in LA is at the Hawthorne Mall, which is abandoned, it's been abandoned since the 80s, I believe, and it looks like a place where you would go if there was a zombie Apocalypse (drones whirring) (cheering) When I go into races, I feel like I put a lot of pressure on myself to win You know, I want all of my practice and all of my time flying to show for something (drone whirring and crashing) (crowd roars) I was flying fine, I wasn't nervous, but I was just a little too high and crashed

– You like almost hit the ceiling, you're like (noises reenacting crash) (beep) – Everybody is just working really hard to be the best at it, and it's just going to get tougher and tougher I took that 180 good – Yeah, you did – Flying with Sorell now, it kinda gives me an opportunity to look at it from a different perspective 'cause I can coach him

You ready? – Mm-hmm – Go for it (drones whirring) – He's aware enough to know that he gets to do these things that most kids don't get to do He's flying a drone, which is this groundbreaking thing Oh! (laughing) – Dang it

We hit each other – You hit me! What are you talking about, we hit each other? You know, as parents, we don't always feel like we do enough I brought him into drone racing and he knows he's lucky and he knows he's fortunate You know, kiddo, you're going pretty quick And, you know, he's just grateful for everything that he gets

(drones whirring) – [Female Host] Dez Marshall knows how to give a fresh cut – You keep it really crisp or more rounded? Got you – [Female Host] And this Brooklyn barber's chair is open to everyone You get your hair done, you can't be touched You're just on point for at least, 48 hours

The queer community needs a safe space to get haircuts and that's part of the reason why I'm here My name is Dez Marshall, I'm a barber I work in Brooklyn, New York The barber shop I work at is called The Gamesman It's kind of the institution here in downtown Brooklyn

The owner, Frank, has been here for over 50 years The clientele has been a lot of men who work in the neighborhood It's a lot of lawyers, a lot of judges, other types of businessmen I kinda throw a wrench into all of that (laughs) I mix it up a little bit

My clientele is mostly queer, trans, gender non-conforming, folks of color, non- folks of color For the most part, my clientele is the LGBTQ community – I think with barber shops, it's difficult as a woman to walk in It can sometimes just feel like a boys' club – It's nice to feel like you can let your hair down, (laughs) or cut it off

– I think I'm building a bridge in different ways Can you be here at 5? 3:30? I got you For queer folks, for trans folks, for gender non-conforming folks, hair is very important You keep it really crisp or more rounded? Got you You need a barber that you feel comfortable to talk to about how you want to look, what's that vision that you have, someone that can execute it, but also do it in a way that they're not going to be judging you throughout the whole process

You see how it's kind growing out like that? – I want to keep it – Up? Got you I get to spend my day with other queer folks in a space that, you know, 20 years ago, we probably couldn't even walked into

You know, I'm part of that story now My clients are part of that story now We're part of the history of this place We're part of its legacy, and that's really cool – [Male Host] Still to come, on The Great Big Show, just what does it take to serve up nearly 1,000 meals a day? And, oh yeah, this is who you're feeding

– [Female Host] Working in a kitchen can feel like, well, a zoo Or, if you're Stacy Kyles, it actually is a zoo – I cook for warthogs, emu, lions, tigers, hyenas, spoonbill, sun bear, flamingo, and giraffe They can be very picky Every morning, I'm preparing around 350 pounds of food

My name is Stacy Kyles, and I prepare the food for the animals at the Oakland Zoo I'm also known as the zoo chef My day starts off very early, before the sun even comes up (radio weather man speaking) I've got to get the food for the animals or we have nothing to prepare The calm before the storm of getting to the market

I need to get about a ton of food today Literally (deep inhale, deep exhale) The produce market is kind of hectic You've got a lot of forklifts running back and forth You've got trucks everywhere

There's a lot to choose from I have to stay organized or this could get very overwhelming I've got a huge market that I've got to go through I've got to pick out the right produce So, I have a limited amount of time at the market because I have to get back here to prepare the diets

(trunk closing) I open the door to the kitchen, and then I know my day has truly begun (opera music) Sun bears, 48g apple Coatimundi, three hard-boiled eggs cut in half Lions, ten bones– 20oz of grapes off the vine Seven servings and two whole bananas, 60g of cricket, one drop of vitamin E, (talking overlapping gradually speeds up) The zoo itself, as a whole, prepares about 1,000 diets a day

So, that's anywhere from the elephants down to the leaf-cutter ants and all the little reptiles, and all the little frogs (fun music) It's important that we get the diets right because the animals can't send the food back They can't tell us, "Oh, I don't like this" We don't take days off Everything still has to happen

The food gets prepared exactly the same way, every single day I tried telling them it was Christmas once, they didn't pay attention – [Male Host] Covering the mountain side in Maras, Peru, thousands of man-made ponds sit exposed to the elements as they have for over 500 years (calming music) Beneath the Qaqawiñay mountain, where these salt pans sit, runs a salt-filled underground spring The pans, each no more than a foot deep, fill with this natural spring water, which the sun evaporates, leaving behind the natural salt crystals

Created between 500 and 1000 AD, it was the Incans who built them up into what we see today Currently, there are over 3,000 active pans, each one owned by a different family in the Maras community and are hand-mined, much the same as when the Incans were here Each pool yields about 330 pounds of salt per month

When the salt as been mined, each pool is refilled and the process begins again Visiting these pans allows you to marvel at the beauty of nature and of man's ingenuity (adventurous music)