what's going on guys today I'm gonna talk about a topic I've never talked before on this channel drones that kill okay let's talk about it in the video coming up so on this channel I talk about drones and photography and usually it's tips news and things to help you guys out however this topic is more of a news related topic because we're gonna talk about what's happened in recent days so last week in Caracas Venezuela Venezuelan president Maduro gave a speech and while he was giving this speech outside to mitrice six hundreds went towards him in attempted assassination as many of you know DJI is mitrice 600 can carry up to 25 pounds or maybe even a little more of weight and they used these this drone the mitrice 600 for this assassination attempt and so it was a group of soldiers who weren't happy with the president so they formed their own dissident group called soldiers and t-shirts thankfully no one was seriously hurt however a few people were injured but during this assassination attempt the one of the drones was shot down and the other drone crashed now the reason why paramilitaries and terrorist organizations like Isis are using drones for certain attacks and certain tactics is because they're relatively inexpensive and they can use them and go to places very quickly without risking their own lives while the mitrice 600 costs about five thousand dollars and then you need a stabilizer if you're gonna use that for a camera which can cost even more alright it's around five thousand dollars there's many other drones that can go as far or even farther so one of the most popular terrorist organizations Isis uses DJI phantom force and what they've done with the phantom 4 it's a drone that can travel up to four miles all right it costs about $1000 so it's very inexpensive and it can carry about two pounds so what they do is they actually don't use this drone often to drop a bomb to hurt someone or kill someone what Isis has used the DJI phantom4 in recent years is they attached a little bomb to the bottom of the Phantom 4 and what they've done is they've flown it over an oil rig and then they've dropped that bomb and then when it hits the oil rig it explodes and fire goes everywhere as the fire goes up smoke disseminates throughout that area and because it's the Middle East it's completely flat ok there's nowhere to hide so if Isis is to go from one city to another they're obviously vulnerable to US and other airstrikes so in doing this they create this layer of smoke between themselves on the ground and the air planes and air the fighter jets in the air so what they do is they can then escape in the US and other military groups that are fighting them can't see them and they can escape unscathed obviously terrorist groups and anti-government and military groups aren't the only ones using drones all right the United States and almost every country now their military drones are a major part of the defense budget so in the United States it's increased dramatically every year for the United States Department of Defense it requested a nine point six billion dollars for unmanned technology and related systems for its physical year 2019 budget that's a 28 percent increase from the previous year according to a June report from the Association for unmanned vehicle systems international now of this allotted budget more than 10 percent went to underwater drones and like maritime drones technology so last week the Department of Defense was awarded an 800 million dollar contract to research and develop underwater drones now work on this project is expected to be completed by the Year 2023 so next week I'm going to talk about all the different drone uses obviously today we talked about Terry drones underwater drones how drones are used for more violent and war type purposes okay but we're gonna talk to more consumer and practical purposes next week as I talk about the history of DJI and the entire drone industry so if you haven't done so press that subscribe button so you can get more videos like this about drones about drone news tips and tutorials also if you're interested in photography I make videos about that as well I like to hear more about your thoughts and your comments below about what you'd like to see in more future videos that I make about drones and that's it for now guys remember siempre Avante look up at that