Drones Photography Basics – 5 Drone Shots You Need To Master – IndieHACK Ep. 9

Hi, I didn't see you there I'm Khail Anonymous and welcome to another episode of Kingston's indieHACK

[MUSIC] On today's episode of indieHACK we'll show you the basics of using the quadcopter That's right, we're taking our shooting to the next level with drones Drones have been in the video scene for a couple years now Giving you breath taking scenery shots from almost the price of a DSLR camera DJI have been the leading drone manufacturers and today we will show you the ins and outs of preparing for your first flight

Buckle up, we're prepared for take off First things first, make sure you're ready to fly Batteries, bring extras because most major consumer drones can fly for about 20 minutes on a single charge It's good to have at least two batteries with you Before a shoot day, always test the batteries and controller, so you don't look like a noob

Check your propellers, make sure your drone is powered off, and check that all your props are nice and snug You don't wanna find out what happens when your propeller falls off 200 feet in the air >> Look, the propellers just came off >> My gosh >> Last but not least, make sure you have a microSD card installed if you want to record

The best way to get the drone's eye view is from the footage on the camera Now we'll show you some basic drone shots that will help you tell your story A fly by shots Have your drone fly by a subject whether it's a person, a river, a building et cetera It's good for story transitions, quick cuts or just fun b roll footage

A reveal shot This shot is a great way to open a video Have the drone start off low with a camera facing lower, then as you fly forward tilt the camera up to reveal the shot The high pan shot This is great to show landscapes and surroundings

When shooting a high pan, it's good to film a number of options Shooting left to right and right to left This will give you lots of options to choose from for your video The exploring shot This is great to shoot after you get the rest of your intended shots

Just get the drone up in the air and explore your surroundings using your remaining battery Sometimes those unexpected shots are the best And lastly, fly through your shot No matter which type of shot you're getting, make sure to film a little bit longer than the shot requires This will give you more options when editing so you're not stuck with a great shot that's just a little too short

So there you go You're no longer a drone newbie, thanks to old Khail And Kingston, too, I guess Before you and your drone fly off, hit, like and subscribe, cuz next time we'll show you some neat tips and tricks for your drone You don't wanna miss it, so, see you guys next time on Khail's indieHACK

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