Drone Wars, Without Any Rules w/ Huffington Post’s Dan Froomkin

managers families that effectively what happened data from sound good albertson utdallas overdraw morse yahoo jotted where though it again for a good is that i would have been imposed now many were very interesting article about this day one of my band re-enter okay dictators arts gray daddy uh first of all alot so it is very simple question uh you know the strong support someone man and when we chat them so that we go back doesn't sometimes we killed civilians is that legal acrobat uh

in well twenty-seven ask we are the state department actually finally tried to expect question this morning harold koh p former dean of of yale law school who have now the legal adviser to the state department actually give a speech this morning and for the fed basically yet legal hoga olesco walruses rational careful and and a you know where war and activist at the ability to basically do all this talk about the fed and we have we have profit for the proposed and and we try to do debate careful that the stuff and i was about like that until now that is drill down on because a practical level i might agree with them uh what i have a rather doesn't rose trace of saddam hussein rather debate over ac yes okay legal level though it doesn't matter that really answer the question by saying we're really careful that's i don't think it's a legal standard yeah i mean i don't i don't make make fun of him but that we do appreciate the fact that at least started talk about that but disregarded at the very beginning other discussion this is really complicated uh stuff autumn africa level or moral level ana military level peters finger with it viva scholar who actually written a book about robot wars if you cut the fat that that sort of this that he will unmanned who weaponry is as revolutionary as you gunpowder was out of time where they're coming from a totally new york rewrites the rules again and for those you know that for the night beginning i guess but you we really need to understand the role of a lot better because you're right there are two nd took from circumstances in which a particularly and obviously it it's better but the concern right now for a lot of folks is that from what we can tell that that a lot of civilian casualties a kind of course the government and telling us coming to believe that go with this technology ect and there that in which without when you're not putting somebody endangered and maybe you are going to be a little bit left restrained about doing stuff and then therapy that the whole issue of two remote something i thought i mean there's newspapers and internet content a few weeks ago a few months ago where u_s_ soldiers napkin folders actually on the ground you note killed the wrong people so uh it's hard enough to tell who write and wrong people you know in those will break the condemned air quotes right people rock you are in-person it's even harder when you're doing it through uh you accrued from camera lens uh

when you send in tampa or vada yeah yeah and so you know the that leads to a whole host of request for civil family killed americans as citizens during this through entered by now i think it was the guy the guy was in the one i guess in yemen and we feel that american al i'd and then that the legal question of all there was from the president order an assassination of an american i know i'm not i don't know yeah how do you know but right and and and also you-know-what from what we seem to know a lot fairmount about how the military uses these strikes we don't know anything about the c_i_a_ uses strikes thumbed you know i don't think it's quite as bad as spilled into brave but uh but that we i think we could lead to the doesn't have a international discussion about the dishes buildings looked at what i say still an american and frankly it was in yemen if i don't mean that it was a taurus technique that i had to be pressuring rather drab obama's s golf course that but if there are no legal standards this cute guy we think was a really bad guys in the next guy we're not quite sure unix guy well you know what the hell an hour and a m and this time goes in yemen and the next time it's impact the center for tablets in in and four-time it's in germany i meet you at all time you're going away and you know i mean clan enmity probably the only person is they don't know because people's that's sounds crazy right away abudrahm straight on germany right except for the fact that we did take that people out of germany tortola i think you put your finger on it which is it that it could be a legal dead at met really have to be uh defend your profit fame exact kind of probable cause that we'd have you know to arrest someone domestically we are you know these people are you know sort of equity at war with us uh so you can have rules of order which are different but but one of those wolf and answer howell house or do you have to be me that's best that the question now i mean i was never the question when you know people were in uniform how short you have to be that these are really the bad guys this not just you know somebody's you know somebody rather log up if that i'm in the private with him too to to call the killian leather drama at like you know the last thing we did a story about a a tribal leader in afghanistan dot we work in this was taliban and then we put a exit out of time and then you end up access and i was validated wasn't how about uh and why do we make that mistake whose local guy who want to get rid of them it fed us false information yet happen again cars that will happen all same right well i would be one guantanamo where there because basically together with a bounties system and in afghanistan and people were overturned again no people that like the people that money to interpret that you know are you would be for obama took office so buying did this little segment i remember thinking that i don't think i want to be present india is a really tough job because i think somebody's draw strikes make sense no hw killing a certain number civilly skip at right that's a tough thing to live with wealthier and amplitype width the first really big civilian uh

casualty xxxxx uh from an air strike in afghanistan happened you know within like three months or so others others moderation and i would still reading my column with the washington post that man and and i i was wrote a really blistering column basically saying where's the remarks that we can expect remorse from bush but this guy you just did something which killed twenty children you know whereas such a large summer morse tony bennett and the ebay big-screen briefly mentioned at the couple they play there bike so that was bad uh you know i i think i think that we we can't that is worried me because it was another example of sort of bushes and infecting the rest of piano a map of american politics uh in a way that that uh i thought was really disturbance and the u_s_ it's a lot more so wanted out of the washington post and a half hour that fact that i a lot to say about that paper but anyway that so but they do and looked you really right because in our media the way that it things are covered is that all bomber fought so long and hard before he sent americans to more american soldiers that dennis exude thought about their families a set of that's great but winning filled twenty civilians that are not americans well ok in sad day we move on ahead you know look it doesn't mean a sarong cancellous what about that for a second we're trying to get from good from loving the bones then uh

you know i would much rather do it on strike in yemen invade yet here and now that doesn't mean those are only two options and so i don't want to set up straw men exactly right but but given those two options is withdrawn strike that but it's interesting because uh so we could meet weekly hydrophone over yemen and bloat somebody up but without a word with him in aaa but if we were invaded yemen would be a war with him so depict only war if you can people in uh that that you know that seems like a bizarre distinction sir or you know it's a rogue apparently went an assassinated a guy in dubai hamas leader and everybody's outraged by alexis use your pin password to sort of course devise outweighs seating uh okay but we assess the people of time except we don't deal with this assassination squad dress up as tennis players we do it by dropping a bomb on there night at and i think of it physically from circumstances in which i think that could be defensible but but i think it's important that we understand that the rules of the road and and you know carolco started started outlining those barry in very broad strokes this morning ect you know and here's the second part of why it's important i think uncertainty off its not because i'm not sure our what i feel about drawn stretched right now cuz i don't know what the rules of the road i don't know what the standard split and we have a our government source the c_i_a_ he's in ways that they have never been healthy account for so how do i know that make sense or doesn't make sense i don't know what their options are right now it makes sense but i got to know i mean doris i write what i want to do the coop to other things i want to know the mode how many people in that week old buspar with this technology and what are we doing drive you know going forward to prevent for the civilian deaths they need to answer those questions final what i want to know is when they go to pull the trigger what informs their decision you know i'd like to know that that that would be the perfect here which would have to put operationally how do they decide when to pull the trigger and advocate yet think about it this is a totally different kind of war it's very easy defended rona up and blow somebody up it it is no that none of the resistance that you would have if you realized fo you know we're going to actually be going all over the country or we're going to put our own troops in danger uh it's really it's really badly and i just meant that you might be it one of the what uh

pat a congressional hearing the first congressional hearing on drowned finally with a couple there because i love what i with republican article for the other in post uh one the guy who think it's also important that we not do entirely unmanned waters look at them that pertain to the home in security could have a at etiqa profitably for them to show that they'll come in come over here five that are going to be answered i read that but i think it means now is that there's supposedly separately i think you have to act itself a lot of different things and at the paper and one of the comet put it on the other paramilitary wiry building aircraft carriers basically that's a good question protective gear exodus of what i like about the girls this is an elusive funnel money and you know the drug makers of course are ecstatic about this but the rest of the president risk their little nervous rightful but you know keep in mind that a you know the the republicans that that we're not creating a new monster in terms of defense contracting and b more than much more than aircraft carriers hook everybody they have grown soon in fact allot it will be have drowned and you know a lot of the part of the american government dark defense have drunk not harmed but you know that that this is a different like open-source but uh you know computing that i like the internet at about the way you can pick you can control then i would then your article to his essentially true hezbollah use drones in the last two oh six coupled with a little bit there that they were promote perot supplied by iran and uh actually has built up at one of the everglades really committed on drums are no no i don't think that the other thing i mean the way we do we'll talk about them to invite you know it totally different whether you talk about their own dido for troops or the surveillance and rooms that are actually aren't and it could be a third category which is grown that are part of a rather and on the dark controlled ito by somebody in tampa uh to actually building this uh

a this newt dealt bomber that would be a part of a oakmont peanuts automatic with accurate that that would they would think they were program it event for the law we'll catch up all the says that they can have our political party but the for the guys prohibiting trip and that the people at the pentagon who drop their foot what people being defied fiction movies in which people come up with things and i like the committee of destroy him and the end and recreate them but that let me know what time is draws org those that all of these days now begin a big bull meeting impact what if somebody has to be cuter in tampa as as you know what al go ahead and take your ten thousand rooms at our redirect them already repeat even whether to promise on the bill ready with a with a report that few month ago that uh with here twenty bucks from from stuff i got the internet that that that uh folks at the paris here that that intergraph can stand where actually interfere with the predators uh and power finally on that front what happens when china decides they're going to have a million girl yeah or toward why millions reelect up there and well i hope with this now worries that you know we just saw about star wars and now we are real star wars it'll be present in the field in the atmosphere uh informal thing on this thursday it's back to back to the legal sentencing to serve as a singer this'll probably thing like that damn leads they want you know the c_i_a_ to report to them on every specific mission but i don't need to know if you're going to kill i'll libya are all busy okay i don't know and you don't have to tell me that we're not asking for operational details but the reason we need to have standards on when you is because build those standards don't disappoint america and they were also apply to china right identify wrong on hand to other countries and boy deny seven national standards to know when they could shoot their dro at that from a moving target everywhere and we were and you know words we need to figure out with the rules are and we did not be secretive about them why did something from the hub in close clinton friend right that's what the at polytechnic droning on put up the phone vedarrak thought explode notes and i like the democratic party have a great weekend closer young turks come right back