DJI Spark – The BEST Drone for Beginners

What 's Up? And in this video I will share my experience If that cute little thing Yes, anyway Dijay Spark, it's the smallest skipper Dijay has to sell Note, this video is not funded in any form by DJ They sent me these skippers to check and give my opinion But I must admit that I am a Dijiai fan I've been using Dijiai's skippers for some time My first skimmer was a Phantom 2 with a pro-gu Love this thing completely Built like a tank I smashed it full of times and it still survived Then I had the Digai Inspire 1 Once again I had an excellent skimmer and took great quality photos But there was a problem with these two scribes because they were too big Big problem – big snakes Which means I did not take them with me as long as I wanted Especially because it is a great hassle Swipe everything with me all the time Mostly Inspire has a large case It is true that these different scents but So this thing came to this Peruvian polluter And I think he changes the rules of the game because of his compact size That means I can take it with me anywhere And to shoot in excellent quality But then Digiyi took it out Which is their smallest skimmer And he's really a pickpocket Excellent skater for beginners To something that has not experienced rushes before and wants to start with one And you want to be able to take it with you everywhere It's really great And in this video I want to share with you my experience with the Spark Positive and negative, what can be improved I will not go into details on how to activate and configure the skimmer There are a lot of YouTube videos that tell you this So let's start with the great positive virtue is Of course the size It's really small and that means you can take it with you any time I've said already full of times before The best camera is the one with you I'm not sure who my quote is But this is a great quote And that's the best thing about Spark can be With you always is small, compact and light weight He walked easily into a bag and put it in the car And when it comes to taking pictures you just take it The price is also reasonable enough about 500 pounds (2500 in Israel) Which is quite great for what it offers and also very easy to define and use We'll talk about my experience later There are many ways to control the skimmer There is the remote control that needs to be purchased separately It does not come with a base pack If you choose the Play More Combo package you will get a bag, a sign Another battery and other things I totally recommend choosing which is about 200 or 300 dollars more (NIS 3,500 in the country) The great advantage of the remote control Everything responds much more quickly And there's a much bigger range With the sign and as someone who had experienced past rhephins Feel right at home with this sign However, it is great to control a skimmer by phone So even if you do not have the sign with you at any time You can still control the hover with your smartphone Of course it is not as good as controlling with the sign But it is certainly nice to have the option to have about a 100 meter range control Finally, you can also control hand gestures Like Iron Man holding out his hand like that My personal experience was not brilliant I think it's nice to have and maybe I should play with it a little more For me it was easiest to use the remote control Or on the phone There are also smart photography modes Such as Active Track (active tracking) To follow the selected character There are also autotimatic modes in the orbits My favorite is Hilix What he does is turn around you And filming beautiful cinemas Without worrying about the sign And if you're like me always going out to take pictures alone You can just set it up Leave the sign on the side and the hoverman will shoot for you Really wonderful and a great employee from my experience You can also load the Spark In a micro USB connection It would be nice if it was a USBC but it's also good And it's good that you can use a portable battery to charge the skimmer And if you're in the middle of nowhere do not have to go back to load The batteries can be simply connected and loaded in the field Using a portable battery is definitely an important advantage The quality you get at it In fact, quite impressive The resolution is fixed to 1080p Was nice with was 4k Stabilization is 2 axes, 3 hinges was better But still, it is still good for its size The photograph was fairly steady In spite of the spirits I also shot amazing stills Most of the photographs are autotypical because I have left most people using it But you can shoot in manual mode if desired In general, I think it's a great skimmer And now negative, we'll start rebooting It took me quite a while to get started Because a lot of things did not really work I'm not one who goes through pages of instructions I'd like to see a short tutorial video Then I want to boot quickly and easily But for example, registering and activating the skimmer I could not use the scanner I tried both the iPhone and the Samsung device And it just did not work Then I had to connect to the sign and float To do the activation And updates

And updates because they connect with Wii To the mast and float You need to reconnect to the Internet and then hover back and forth To download the updates and then return to the control And it was an exhausting process With the pollinator it is not so That connect to the sign with the capacitor and that's it And there's no need to replace Wifi all the time It's pretty much improved than it was but Djaye can get better at it And make this process more simple and easy to execute The next negative point Although the float is small The fact that the arms do not fold I say when you put it in your bag it's about the same size The pollinator, and when you look at the files They are about the same size This detail is reviewed by members of Casey Nistet I will add a link to his video in a description that recommends watching it There is also a side-to-side comparison between the photo quality of both I did not because I could not Control both spiders and simultaneously slash them When we compare between 1080p and 4k it is clear that we will get more quality But if you want to see Side by side comparison, go to watch Casey's video Well, I hope so That Spark 2 DJs would make the arms fold Yes, I know he is not big And it is easier that it is available without preparation But folding them should not be that complicated And that would make the skimmer so much smaller Then you can use a much smaller bag And then it was much more compact compared to the mabik It's just feedback that I think should be received by DJIA And another negative point about – battery life Of course, the battery is very small So battery life You did not expect him to be excellent I got from her about 10 to 12 minutes Dijiai say it can be 16 minutes but He starts to twitter at 30% can change but did not want to risk crushing Especially since he's so small So I dropped it by about 25% in battery It would have been nice if the battery had survived a little longer I recommend the combo pack that gets another battery Because I think you'll need it If you want to do something serious with him Something else I found disturbing with the remote control if you use the iPhone If there is an android it is not really a problem Depending on the model that has an iPhone Home button Covered by this catcher And it really bothers you because you can not go back to the house screen to hang up The wifi or other things to do You have to spend and put in all the time to run it If Dijayi left an opening or maybe to the next version This is the same problem with the sign of the pollinator And with the iPhone, I'm not sure I have an iPhone problem But when you put the iPhone on the sign He always shows me the opposite And you have to rock it to bring the display back Again, I do not know if it's anything but for me Or maybe someone else noticed it Please know me Well friends, this is the Digay Spark Yes there are some negatives I think it's a great skater Especially if you start this is great for beginners I think you'll have a good experience And because he's so small, take him with you as well But if you're more serious And you have a bigger budget I would definitely recommend the pro polluter he has 4K And when you pack it in a bag it's about the same size And will provide you with a longer battery time compared Especially the new Platinum version Battery time is longer and quieter In any case, if you want to buy any of these riders I'll leave links in the description below What do you think of DJ Sparc left me comments Hope you enjoyed the video and leave Lake So help me If you have not yet registered, click the Register button for more video There's a lot more content to come up here Thanks for watching Safier here at SuperSaveToy See you next time