DJI Phantom 4 Review + Test Footage (4K)

This is the DJI Phantom 4, and it's the best drone out right now especially for beginners It's not cheap but I think it's worth every single penny

Why, you ask? Well simply put this thing is sleek, it's high quality, it's intelligent, it takes amazing videos and photos, and most importantly it's so much fun If you stick around to the end of the video you'll get to see some of its best features in action and when you see the footage it can take you'll most certainly want one for yourself so for your convenience, the link to purchase the Phantom 4 will be in the description right below this video When you first unbox the Phantom 4 you'll see that it comes with a foam carrying case that has a built-in latch which is really convenient In the case you'll find the Phantom 4 itself, the remote controller, 8 propeller blades, the battery, the battery charger, quick start guides and some various cables It also comes with a 16GB micro SD card to get you started

You'll first notice the simple design when installing the propeller blades which are very easy to put on, you just push and twist It's also nice that the battery charger can charge the remote controller and the drone battery at the same time At 100% charge the new Phantom 4 can fly for almost 28 minutes which is 25% longer than the Phantom 3 Now, just to be safe I only fly mine for about 20-25 minutes each time, but the Phantom 4 is a "smart" drone so it will warn you when the battery is low and it can land itself if the battery reaches a critical low level The build quality of the Phantom 4 is pretty stunning

It feels solid but looks carefully polished It's not too heavy, and I was glad to find out I was able to carry it easily by gripping the top with just one hand Of course the most important physical feature of the Phantom 4 is the high performance camera It has a newly designed lens and can capture 4K ultra HD videos at 30fps and 1080p full HD videos at 120fps for slow motion shots It can also capture 12MP raw photos

So if the camera is Batman, that means the gimbal is Robin The 3-axis gimbal has a specially designed u-frame structure that stabilizes the camera at all times giving you smooth cinematic video footage even in strong winds which you'll see during the 2nd half of this video Now when you get your Phantom 4 I highly recommend getting these ND filters for the camera These allow you to record at a slower shutter speed in bright conditions which will be necessary if you're trying to get a more cinematic film look The Amazon link for these filters will be in the description below

The Phantom 4 is only half of the main package The other half is the remote controller which is very easy to get used to if you've ever played video games Basically the left stick moves the drone up, down, or turns it The right stick moves the drone forward, backward, left, or right The back of the controller allows you to switch between the multiple flight modes and do other things like control the camera tilt

The two antennas allow you to control the drone up to 31 miles away while still seeing the live preview on your smartphone or tablet The controller has an adjustable clasp that holds your tablet or smartphone in place The required device can be any of the supported Android devices or any Apple device with iOS 8 or later My only complaint is that I wish it did not require a cable going from the device to the controller

I was hoping it would connect via Bluetooth Other than that the free DJI Go app is the only thing left to get you up and flying With the dual satellite positioning system and enhanced Vision Positioning System, flying the Phantom 4 is super easy It will automatically avoid obstacles using its new sensors and GPS technology so beginners can start flying quickly with the new Intelligent Flight modes But if you're an experienced flyer on the other hand, the incredibly fast Sport Mode will get you excited

Now let's go outside and I'll show you how much fun it is It's very sunny outside, but I'm going to demonstrate some of the new features that the DJI Phantom 4 has and what makes it the best drone that you can buy right now especially for beginners if you're buying your first drone So let's do it One thing to note is that it sounds like a swarm of bees With the vision positioning system it can hover over and pretty much stay in one place by itself without you doing anything

It also has Beginner's mode and along with the new obstacle avoidance that I'll show you guys in just a second So right now you're seeing the video in 4K 30fps I have the ND filter on it right now because it's so sunny outside just to give you a glimpse of what it looks like So I'm going to point it towards these trees I'll tap on these trees and then click Go

And it's going to move toward those trees Pretty simple and basic It's great for beginners I got it moving, you can change the speed, I got it moving at about 56 miles per hour

Now as far as the obstacle avoidance I'm not going to trust it with branches so I'm going to hit Stop If you have really skinny branches sticking out everywhere it might be a good chance of you hitting it with that so if you're going to rely on obstacle avoidance make sure that it's like a large object that you're trying to avoid so it's able to sense it Let's show you the Return to Home, the smart Return to Home I'm going to hit the Return to Home It's going to turn itself around, and it's going to make its way back to where we took off from

And it's beeping, the remote controller is actually beeping letting you know that it's going home And this is doing it all by itself It's returning home and it landed pretty much almost in the exact same spot that it took off from Alright now I'm going to point it to this mound of gravel So now it's beeping at me

It's not going to let me go any further It's beeping at me saying object is within 5 feet It's not letting me go any further so take it up Let's do the Active Track because that's new to the Phantom 4 So it's going to track an object

So I'm going to track myself Let's draw a square around me Okay so now I got a green Go button on me so it's going to track me if I click this Go button it's going to track me wherever I go So if I run around like this let's see how far it'll take me Here we go

So that was just a quick yet ungraceful demonstration of some of the new features with the Phantom 4 I'm going to land it real quick and I'm going to end this video with some of the footage that I took with the new Phantom 4 to give you a glimpse of what it can do for you Enjoy