DJI phantom 4 Drone Crash near miss in Ireland caught on camera

Okay folks [an] update You know I've had the drone for a few weeks time you know that I really [liked] it or at [least] I was very excited about using it Excitement, and yeah, I got some good shots like this one I've even this one And I even thought this one was a really good one I'm just learning and I'm watching a lot of youtube videos [and] I'm saying all these tips But what are the best drone shots to take so I took one like this? now I hope you like the but last week I was not close to Losing the whole thing that close I'm going to show you because I have the footage so basically I was getting everything ready Everything was normal lovely part of the world rears up the camera Then I decided I'm going to do a panning shot right to left Because there's a nice little cold there, and then I'm going to do one going forward Hold three dimensions ETc

Here's the footage going across And this is where it all went wrong look What do you think of that how close was that let's see it again? you I Can't even believe it myself Anyway, if anyone knows why this could have happened let me know Yeah No, he doesn't have that had two pints of beer with my dinner cuz I was on holidays that didn't help But I couldn't uh peanut curtis curtis you tell me Anyone who know [that] lose calibration Cos was going sideways? I'm not I have no idea those of you are experts Let me know In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this little summary of what is [up] [I'm] [building] the last one I'm going to be preparing some decent videos over the next little what so don't forget to like and subscribe and leave your comments [down] Below I'll catch you again [bye-bye]