DJI Mavic Pro Unboxing & Review – The Best Drone!

Crap Hey guys, how's it going? Welcome back to DavidPlays

My name is David Gosh, I love making these videos It feels like Christmas morning every time I get to make one In the last video I showed you how I was gearing up for my return to YouTube and making more videos by finally getting into the GoPro game Today, it's time for another piece of the puzzle

An essential weapon in any modern YouTuber's arsenal Today, I finally got it A gosh freaking drone BOOM The Mavic Pro by DJI

A drone that when you consider the quality, the price, the portability, might just in fact be, in today's market, the greatest drone in the world for any aspiring filmmaker or YouTuber Uff! I'm excited to check this out My very first drone! My only previous experience with drones was actually when Fin came over last year He owns a Phantom; we got to fly that around a lot Now, here it is, my very own drone

Let's check it out Let's unbox it Alright, open sesame Oh, snap There you go

Opening all the way Alright, so we have the controller right here Oh, I love this I love doing this Ah, so satisfying

So here we have it The actual drone And this is it This is the drone This is the Mavic Pro

This thing right here It's so small, dude I can throw this in my bag with a bunch of other things if I want to When Fin brought his drone, we had to carry it around in its own particular bag that can only fit it and its components It wasn't even like a small bag

It was like a sizable bag The portability of this is impressive 4K resolution 12 mega pixel camera Ahhhh

I I hit myself again Ehhhh

Dude, anyway Let's get to it One hour later Oh There you go

Oh-oh-oh snap Oh snap, it's moving It's alive! It's alive! Will it fly? That is the question I'm putting it all the way over there Ohhhhh

Crap It flew too close to the sun I need to be more careful Well, now that we got a new sun, let's take this outside Alright guys! So that's the Mavic Pro

I'm honestly just blown away by the quality of the image this little thing can produce The camera on the Phantom does have a wider angle than this which is really nice And the ISO performance on the Mavic Pro it's pretty much nonexistent But other than that the quality of the image that this little thing can produce it's really mind-blowing Forget about not having to spend $100,000 dollars to rent a helicopter with a camera mounted on it

You don't even need a separate backpack for this I need to do a what's in my backpack video soon Just to illustrate how crazy it gets Do I wish it would cost $200-$300 dollars less? Of course, but you know If you're an aspiring filmmaker or YouTuber, in today's market, I believe this is the best drone you can buy But what do you think? Let me know Are you more of a Spark guy yourself? Or a Phantom guy? Maybe you prefer the GoPro drones? An entirely different brand? Let me know in the comments Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed

I hope you did, but either way, thank you for watching, and I'll see you in the next one So, it's not going anywhere Imagine if it all just feel off



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